Housewarming Gift Guide for Your Single Friends

Housewarming Gift Guide for Your Single Friends

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Single home ownership is on the rise. So buying a housewarming gift for one person — not two — is becoming increasingly popular. Although you may be tempted to buy your friend a traditional gift, think twice before buying those matching mugs.

Don’t fret at the thought of forgoing all those cheesy gift sets made for couples or families — buying a gift for a single friend is as equally exciting and fun. 

Wine bottle opener

Affordable Gifts Ideas Under $50

Want to help your friend settle in their home with style? Understandable…but don’t want to break your budget in the process! You can still find the right gift that’ll add the picture-perfect touch to any new space.

  • Bottle Openers: You can buy a present guaranteed to make your gift recipient smile even while on a budget. Want to know the secret? Just invest in a bottle opener that transforms cracking open a bottle of wine into a breeze. Consider adding a quote or word to your present for a memorable gift they’re guaranteed to remember.
  • Spice Kits: You can’t settle into a new home with an empty stomach. Buy your friend a treat they won’t be able to resist for long. Spice kits bring out the inner cook in everyone — meaning that new kitchen will see future use. If you’re unsure which flavor best suits your friend, opt for a gourmet dipping spice kit crafted to satisfy a favorite of tastes.
  • Doormats: Can your friend even say they’ve genuinely settled into their new home without the perfect welcoming doormat to greet them every time they walk through their front door? Doormats are a must-have homeowner accessory. Consider buying a customized doormat with monogrammed lettering for an added touch of personalization.
  • Candles: It doesn’t take a family to enjoy the sweet aromatic smell of a freshly lit candle. Consider buying a homesick soy candle to help the new homeowner find a sense of ease even when they’re away from family and friends.
  • Coffee Makers: Imagine waking up in a new home and trotting your way downstairs only to be met by a bag full of coffee beans but no maker to brew them in. When you give a standard coffee maker as a housewarming gift, you not only provide your friend with a staple kitchen accessory, but you also make sure they can wake on the right side of the bed every morning.

knife set housewarming gift

Gift Options From $50-$100

Maybe you want to find a nice middle ground in the housewarming gift giving process. If you’re looking to go the extra mile but still have a budget, check out the options below.

  • Champagne and Wine Coolers: Make sure you friend pops open a fresh and chilled bottle of wine every time they need to unwind properly. Champagne and wine coolers with ceramic coating make sure every sip of wine hits the right spot. Consider buying a bottle of wine or two to accompany your cooler.
  • Amazon Fire TV: Moving takes a lot of work, so why not making TV-watching simple? The Amazon TV Fire stick makes binge-watching even easier and guarantees your new homeowner a night full of endless entertainment, too.
  • Oil Diffusers: Whether your friend is a fan of fruity scents or woodsy fragrances, aromatherapy diffusers will help them settle into their new home with a welcoming aroma. Consider adding an essential oil set with sample portions to your diffuser for a complete gift that’ll have your friend’s new house smelling amazing.
  • Cutting and Knife Sets: From baguettes to bagels, there’s no shortage of foods your new homeowner will need to cut and chop up throughout the day. A knife kit or cutlery set is a classic gift-giving option. Plus, they give your friend a little more incentive to hone their cooking skills.
  • Bedspreads and Throws: If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s sleep. That’s why you can never go wrong by investing in a plushy cover or bedspread set that transforms your friend’s nights — or afternoon naps — into an even more heavily experience.

old doorbell

Housewarming Gifts $100+

So you’ve decided to go the whole nine yards. You’re prepared to make sure your housewarming gift is one your friend will never forget. If you don’t mind spending a little extra cash on your present, consider the gifts below.

  • Voice Assistant: If your friend is moving into a new home on their own, having a voice assistant to lend them a helping hand throughout the day is a must. From making grocery lists to putting on their favorite songs, voice assistants such as the Echo Show make sure your friend always has company — even if it is just Alexa’s voice greeting them throughout the day.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: You can’t settle in a new home without throwing a housewarming party. What would a day full of festivities be without a high-quality speaker blasting out some of your friend’s favorite tunes? The Bose Bluetooth Speaker set is water-resistant, which means pool parties will be a must-have event this summer, too.
  • Wine Racks: What better way to settle into a new home than with a welcoming display of wine bottles after a long day’s work? Invest in a polished wine rack to display some of your friend’s favorite bubbly indulgences and flavors. You’ll have even more reason to stop by with an enticing drink waiting for you.
  • Bar Carts: If your friend is more of a mixed-drink kind of guy or gal, forgo the wine rack for a stylish and sophisticated bar cart instead. The wheels make for accessible transportation — a feature that’ll come in handy during late-night housewarming parties.
  • Smart Video Doorbells: Don’t you think it’d be cool to see who’s at your door, even when you’re not home throughout the day? Chances are your friend would like to see who stops by their home, too. A smart video doorbell makes sure your new homeowner will never miss a package or guest again.

Moving can be tough, but receiving gifts is always easy. Be sure to get your single friend a cool housewarming gift that’ll provide a fresh welcome in their new abode.

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Housewarming Gift Guide for Your Single Friends
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