Welcome to Your Wild Home!

A Home Improvement Blog For The Modern Millennial

Your Wild Home is a home improvement blog dedicated to helping the modern millennial figure out all the aspects of buying, owning, and selling a home.

Here, you’ll find home repair and decor tips, help with outdoor gardening and landscaping, and advice on a variety of real estate situations.

So, why write a home improvement blog aimed at millennials?

  1. I am a millennial. So, I’m somewhat qualified. It’s science, basically.
  2. Living at home is the most common living arrangement for my generation. When we’re able to afford our own homes, we’re going to need information about buying and maintenance. I also like to imagine that I am as entertaining as Bob Vila, but that is to be determined.
  3. Because life is wild. Stick with me, though. It’s about to get informational. In a funny kind of way.

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