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Curb Appeal: 10 Ways to Improve It During The Winter

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Whether you’ve just purchased your first home or are getting ready to put it on the market, improving the exterior of your house can add value and curb appeal. Many homeowners balk at the idea of making home improvements during the winter because it’s, well, cold. Understandable! With just a few extra touches and minimal time outdoors, you’ll find your next door neighbors gawking at your beautiful home, inspiring them, perhaps, to make a few improvements of their own.

Not all modifications need to be expensive. In fact, by following a small number of these suggestions, you’ll be increasing the value of your home, without increasing the out-of-pocket expense to yourself. Here, then, are 10 ways to add curb appeal to your home:

1. Paint your front door

Your front door is one of the first pieces of a house that newcomers notice. Don’t shy away from going bold when it comes to selecting a color for your home’s most used entrance. If you’re looking for an extra fre$h pop of color, Pantone named “Greenery” their color of 2017, and it can certainly add somebrightness to your home.

2. Weed the flower beds and put down fresh mulch

Alright, I’m sooo guilty of letting dead plants lay in the garden. If they die on me within a 2-week period of purchase it’s my own kind of sweet vengeance. But by winter time, this is such a simple idea. By pulling a few weeds, you’ll be revealing the beauty of the nature surrounding your home. Go one step farther and highlight your newly weeded flower beds with fresh mulch. Choose a color that will complement your home’s exterior and leave your flowers looking refreshed. The Family Handyman has a great guide with tips on how to choose and lay mulch.

3. Spruce up the mailbox

There’s nothing like driving by a beautiful home and seeing the mailbox coming off its hinges. Invest in a mailbox that is durable and will deliver a pleasing sight to any passing by. If you can’t replace your mailbox now, try a simple coat of paint to cover up any unsightly marks and rust spots.

4. Paint the shutters

A simple way to change up the look of your home is with a coat of paint on your shutters. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing a color scheme, but be sure to select colors that will complement any siding, doors, or trim that you have.

5. Clean the windows

Shiny windows will make your house gleam in the sunlight. Don’t wait until Spring for this one; a good clean scrub in the winter will keep your house sparkling throughout the year.

6. Repair walkways and driveways

If either your driveway or sidewalk has cracks, have them repaired and resealed. The walkway and driveway should be a safe place for your family and guests to walk, so keep it in high order with a little preventative maintenance.

7. Use seasonal plants

Pay homage to the season by adding potted plants filled to add some vibrant color to the upcoming season. Mums are the word for fall (see what I did there), but for winter you’ll need to do a little research on the best plants for winter.  Choose colors that will not only look great in planters, but will look great up against the colors of your home.

8. Replace house numbers

If your house numbers are rusting, or, worse, are stickered on to your front door or mailbox, consider replacing them with ones that make a statement and can be seen from the road. Try to stay in keeping with the home’s age by choosing numbers that speak to the home’s character. If your house was built in the 1930s, for example, you may want to pick out numbers that reflect the Art Deco style of the period.

metal roof

9. Improve the roofing and siding

If your siding is starting to show wear and tear, consider having it replaced. Check your roof for shingles that may be letting in leaks, and, if the budget allows, consider upgrading to one that will last you a long time, like a metal roof, which allows you many more color choices than shingles.

10. Add lighting

A well-lit space will draw attention to the best outdoor features of your home. Consider a pendant light over your front door or sconces that frame either side. Think about using lighting to highlight a favorite tree or section of your front lawn. Lighting up the walk way will also give your house an inviting look and feel. As an *added* bonus, you won’t fall on your face coming home since it’s still dark by 6 p.m. or so.

Try these 10 ways of improving the exterior of your house, and you will be well on your way to putting your humble abode on the map, with a little extra appeal.

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Curb Appeal: 10 Ways to Improve It During The Winter
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