5 Woodworking Projects You Can Complete for Holiday Gifts

5 Woodworking Projects You Can Complete for Holiday Gifts

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The value of handmade gifts is priceless, and a well-crafted woodworking projects can last for generations. If you’re running low on gift ideas, you still have time to complete a wooden gift as a present for the holidays.

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time woodworker, these five projects are relatively easy to complete, and many can be made from pieces leftover in your workshop.

Wine Rack

This wine rack is simple, practical and chic, and the supplies are cheaper than going out for dinner. Using a Kreg Jig, you’ll work with one 2 x 4 x 10 wood board, one 1 x 4 x 8 white wood board and one 1 x 2 x 4 white wood board. You could also use pine.

After building, stain the wood and let it dry. Metal label holders allow you to mark in elegant calligraphy the name, region and date of the wine.

cutting wood

Photo Frame Hickory Cutting Board

Is one of your loved ones crazy about cows or penguins? Get creative by creating this two-step cutting board.

For the first part, cut down a piece of 8″w x 18″l x 1″d hickory wood and sand down any raw edges. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove sawdust. Use white Plasti Dip paint or chalkboard paint to paint a third of the board for a stylish flair, or stain the whole wood if you prefer.

For the second part, photo transfer an image printed from an inject printer onto the wood’s surface. Other printers won’t work, and it can be any image. Cut the picture, so no white parts of the paper are showing, then spread a thin layer of glue stick on the wood. Lay down Scrapbooking Attitude film and the image evenly, rubbing out any bubbles with a bone tool. There are other methods to do photo transfers, but they sometimes risk leaving the peeled paper on the surface.

Wooden Phone Charging Station and Amplifier

Does one of your family members love to play music from an app on their smartphone? Make them a wooden phone charging station and amplifier, which will boost sound levels by 8 to 10 decibels and enhance the reverberation like a megaphone. This woodworking project incorporates cable routing, so the amplifier doubles as a charging station, as well.

Black walnut adds elegance to the project, but any hardwood is sufficient. You’ll need a miter saw, table saw, bandsaw and jigsaw, along with a sander and clamps. This project is best suited for phones that are narrower than 3.5 inches with the case on. It works well for iPhones and Androids.

Sliding Lid Wood Box

Maybe you’ve made DIY wooden beads for your favorite jewelry maker, and now you need somewhere equally creative and handmade to store them. This rectangular sliding lid wood box is handy for an artist or writer to store their pencils and pens or small decorative boxes for odds and ends around the house.

The box uses either mitre or box joints to keep the sides secure — for the mitre joints, splines can be added for extra security and wood grain contrast. Glue helps to hold the walls and splines in place. You’ll draw in the design you want for the lid. Wood stain can help make the design pop, or a wood burning tool will allow you to add decorative features to the top if you have a steady hand.

wood clock

Hand-Painted Wood Clock

Cut a thin, 14-inch circular wood clock face. At every 3 and 5/8 inches, add 12 marks for the clock’s points. Trace straight lines with your measuring tape to form 12 sections, sectioning off areas painter’s tape you’d like to paint creatively. For example, the five o’clock segment could be polka dots, created by dipping your paintbrush in the paint and dotting the surface evenly. Don’t forget to drill a small hole in the center to allow for hand movement.

Let any paint or wood stain dry thoroughly. Remove the painter’s tape and erase any pencil marks. Attach the clock movement to the hole and secure the clock hands. Don’t forget to include the batteries when you wrap the gift!

What Makes Woodworking Projects Great Gifts?

Creating your own woodworking projects for gifts allows you to consider the personality and needs of each recipient. If they’re a wine enthusiast, a wine rack will be perfect. A creative chef will adore a handmade cutting board, and treasure keepers or crafters can use a sliding lid wood box for all their knick-knacks. Techies will also appreciate the phone charging station and amplifier. For the modern and colorful one on the go, a hand-painted wood clock is the ticket.

A handmade gift is thoughtful and priceless, allows you to utilize your talents and craftsmanship and adds a multi-level value to the present. Your loved one is sure to put your wood-crafted creation to use for generations.

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5 Woodworking Projects You Can Complete for Holiday Gifts
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5 Woodworking Projects You Can Complete for Holiday Gifts
The value of handmade gifts is priceless, and a well-crafted woodworking projects can last for generations. Here are 5 to try this holiday season.
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    That’s a fascinating idea you have! I was considering to do a similar project but wasn’t sure how to start it. LOL This is actually a pretty helpful idea, to begin with. Hope to see more useful points.

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      • Megan
      • December 14, 2017

      Thanks for reading, Alex! For a wood burning tool, it’s best to practice the design (if possible) beforehand, whether it be with paper and pen or on another piece of wood. Not sure I know of anything that can steady someone’s hand. 🙂

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