12 Websites to Sell and Give Away Your Stuff On

12 Websites to Sell and Give Away Your Stuff On

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There’s nothing like moving to make you realize how much stuff you have. Old clothes. Tons of books and DVDs you haven’t read or watched since college. File cabinets you no longer need because you’ve digitized what they used to hold. Even old iPads that you keep around in case your new one conks out.

You’re not alone — in fact, ten percent of all Americans rent a storage space. Perhaps most surprising, many of these renters have areas in their homes for storage. Almost two-thirds of those who rent storage have a garage, for example, while close to half have an attic. One-third have a basement.

Moving it all out of your home, even to a dump, can be costly. Plus, let’s face it — the dump sucks if a lot of your stuff could be used again by somebody else. The answer is selling or giving away your stuff. There are lots of incredible websites to sell your stuff. Here are 12 websites to check out.

  1. eBay

eBay is the grandparent of selling almost everything online. You type up your listing and add pictures. Other people bid. It’s simple. The advantage to this site is that you can list literally everything you want to sell as long as it’s in good condition, from antiques to the Mouseketeer hat you got in fourth grade.

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  1. Facebook

It’s not just for keeping up with friends! Facebook has a billion users worldwide and is a great place to sell multiple items. It even has communities of users dedicated to buying and selling, which are worth checking out if you have items a “niche” community might like, such as tabletop games.

If you live in a community — or apartment building or condominium development — check to see whether your neighbors are on Facebook buying and selling. Maybe somebody one floor down will want your sofa!

  1. Craigslist

Yes, Craigslist has developed something of a reputation over the years thanks to its personal ads. But for selling used items, it’s a strong and robust marketplace — and a website many people check regularly just out of habit. In many areas, it has effectively replaced the local newspaper’s want ads. It’s one of the only reliable places to find a used car in a private sale, for example.

Just take multiple pictures of your item, choose the right category and then provide contact details so interested parties can find you.

  1. Sell.com

You can’t beat Sell.com for a name you can remember with no problem. It has that generic name because it’s a bulletin board service where you can sell literally everything. Just choose the right category and list the stuff you want to get rid of.

  1. Threadflip

When people move, they sometimes realize how much stuff in their closets they never wear. If you haven’t worn it anywhere in two years, you’re unlikely to start now. Fortunately, you can sell and buy anything wearable on Threadflip, from clothes to handbags to sunglasses.

  1. Poshmark

If your taste veers toward high fashion or even just recognizable brand names, Poshmark is the place to sell it. It bills itself as the number-one place for fashion. Your designer threads will find a good home here.

  1. Nearly Newly Wed

Have your old wedding dress carefully placed in a bag in your closet? It might be nice for sentimental value, but let’s face it — you’re never going to wear it again. Plus, wedding dresses can be costly. If space is at a premium in your new digs, you might as well let someone else get good use from it. Nearly Newly Wed offers a great way to sell it.

  1. Still White

Still White is another site where you can sell your wedding dress. It’s slightly more high-fashion than Nearly Newly Wed — a recent visit turned up a just-added Vera Wang creation. There are portals for brides and for businesses eager to stock up for June.

  1. Ruby Lane

If you have vintage jewelry or collectibles you no longer want, Ruby Lane is a good place to sell them. Proceed with caution on the website if you like to browse vintage jewelry or collectibles — it’s easy to spend many a happy hour on this site.

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  1. Etsy

Etsy is almost as venerable as eBay at this point. Unlike eBay, however, Etsy focuses on handcrafted and vintage items. If you want to sell hand-knitted or crocheted scarves, blankets and more, this is your place.

  1. Decluttr

Decluttr doubtless chose its name because of the popularity of decluttering. Through it, you can sell used books, CDs, DVDs, videogames, technology, appliances and more. You can scan your item’s barcode to get a reading on what it would sell for.

  1. BookFinder

If moving to a new place has suddenly made you realize how many college textbooks you still have — and how heavy they are to move — BookFinder is your friend. They specialize in textbooks, but remember — any book can be a textbook in the right hands.

There you have it! A dozen sites that are your friend when it comes time to cut back on the boxes that will be moving with you.

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12 Websites to Sell and Give Away Your Stuff On
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12 Websites to Sell and Give Away Your Stuff On
There’s nothing like moving to make you realize how much stuff you have. Old clothes. Tons of books and DVDs you haven’t read or watched since college. If you're looking to downsize, here are website to sell and give your stuff away on.
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