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Unusual Coffee Tables for Your Home

February 2, 2017 , In: Home Decor, Indoors , With: 5 Comments

Whether you’re into cozy-retro or edgy-chic, picking the right piece of commentary furniture for your home can be an over-complicating decision. Unusual coffee tables are one of the best ways to stir up conversation in your place. Especially during the housewarming party when everyone is swirling their wine and pretending to be a European sommelier.

These tips and inspiration will have you ready to commit to a table faster than your indecisiveness can sneak up on you!

Choose a Coffee Table You’ll Love

Of course, style and budget are important. But here are a few more tips that may save you from buyer’s remorse.

  1. Measure, measure, measure: Yes, you want to make sure your table fits in the space. But you also need to make sure that you and everyone who uses the room can move around the table! A good rule is 18″ of clearance room. Your legs, and the legs of the ones you love, will avoid bruised knees and shins.
  2. Consider safety for guests and children: If you have your own little ones, or nieces and nephews who visit often, take them into account when choosing the table. Something sturdy that’s easy to maintain and that they can’t topple over. You don’t want to be responsible for any little boo-boos.
  3. Choose function: Essential for small spaces, but useful even in a 2300 sq. ft. home. Pieces that can do double or triple-duty — storage being the most frequent need — add practicality to décor.

Get Inspired With These Designs

Want a coffee table that makes your space to stand out, but don’t want to regret your choice? Don’t have the time/aptitude/patience for DIY?

  1. Distressed

Distressed table - unusual coffee table

Coastal Living Resort Driftwood Flats Coffee Table in Distressed Weathered Pier: Long name, but also long on style! Whether you actually live at the beach or dream of it like me, this table is for you.

  1. Macramé Boho

Macrame Table - Unusual Coffee Tables

34″ Coffee Table, Copper: Boho is still going strong. But who has time to macramé a table? Instead, order this one from the Jo-Liza Collection. Your hippy cred will shine!

  1. Concrete

Concrete - Unusual coffee tables

Concrete Pod Coffee Table: You’re into the industrial look, but concrete floors and countertops a little too much for you? Try this cool table. And if you like to mix things up every now-and-then? Play with the pieces–fit them like a puzzle or connect them any way you like!

  1. Retro

Retro - Unusual coffee table

DJ Coffee Table: Does your retro soul love vinyl and old-school hip-hop? Here’s a table that speaks to the wannabe DJ in all of us!

  1. Bling

Bling - Unusual coffee tables

Faux Bois Log Coffee Table in Gold: This table delivers for those of us who love the outdoors and a little bling. It says something also the lines of “I like unusual coffee tables and also GOLD.”

  1. Pattern

Patterned - Unusual Coffee Table

Hexa Inlay Coffee Table: This stylish table is not only beautiful but durable. Great if you have little ones running around your home.

  1. Fish

Fish - Unusual Coffee Table

Koi Coffee Table: Celebrated for their beauty, did you know koi also symbolize strength and perseverance? This table is a fun way to represent those values in your décor.

  1. Old and Natural

Old and natural - unusual coffee table

Maple and Elm Root Coffee Table: Natural log tables are quite popular. But how many have you seen with roots attached as a base? This table definitely brings the woods indoors.

  1. Rustic

Rustic - Unusual Coffee Table

Monarch Coffee Table: This table is a chic take on prairie furniture that can reside in an urban dwelling. It looks just as good with a mason jar full of daisies as a centerpiece or covered with Native American baskets.

  1. Glass

Glass Coffee Table

Oak and Glass Coffee Table:
Here’s a piece of furniture that can do triple-duty! Besides its primary role as a coffee table, the glass bottom can be used for storage. And the oak top can be used as a tray! Beauty and function for your 450 sq. ft. studio.

  1. Artistic

Artistic Coffee Table

Ofidia Center Table: Bronze shaped to resemble rope, this funky table by Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana was displayed at the Collective Design Fair 2016 in New York City. You may need a Rodeo Drive budget to afford it, but if you don’t, it’s still pretty to look at.

  1. Rope

Rope Coffee Table

Olivia Woven Rope Coffee Table: This is the affordable real rope alternative. It’s natural color adds to its one-world, indigenous spirit. (via One Kings Lane)

  1. NostalgicNostalgic Coffee Table

Ouija Coffee Table: Into mysticism? This table is tailored for you. You can keep your real Ouija board and other games in the storage space.

  1. Mod

Modern Coffee Table

Emerson Oval Mod Swivel Coffee Table: If eclectic is your style, this is the table for you! Not only does it have a white-gloss base, tempered-glass shelf and natural wood top, but the top swivels so that you can make it look any way you want! Plus it has a cool ’60’s vibe.

  1. ReclaimedReclaimed Coffee Table

Re-Purposed Russian Sleigh Coffee Table: Love looking at old-fashioned drawings of Victorian sledding parties? Or you like to hop on a sled after the first big snow? This quaint table is for you. And you don’t have to use it only during the holidays. It can be your permanent coffee table that reminds you of the season all year long.

Unusual coffee tables are the perfect centerpiece to your starter apartment or home. Good luck with your hunt for the perfect table to place your coffee on.

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    I liked how the wood can be designed in to a dj coffee table . It would very cool if I can convince my girl friend to do the same thing with our supper table.

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