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Unconventional Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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You could do dinner and movie for Valentine’s Day, but why not plan a date that is as unique as your relationship?

Here are four ideas to make your February 14th one to remember:


There’s no need to be serious on Valentine’s Day — make a plan to play. It’s not frivolous, either. In fact, a study out of the University of Denver shows that couples who invest in time together and find time to have fun will build their friendship — and their relationship will be happier over time.

You have numerous options when it comes to playing. The pair of you could go outside to climb trees, fly a kite, monkey around in a playground, go tobogganing or ice-skating.

If the weather isn’t conducive to outdoor activities, you could also stay in and play board games or video games together. Even a little friendly competition with a session of laser tag, bowling, games at an arcade, archery or axe throwing could get you two tickets to paradise (you know you sang it in your head) this Valentine’s Day.


Share the love you and your partner share by donating your time and energy as a volunteer. You will be working together on a common goal while helping others.

Volunteering cultivates gratitude in yourself and your relationship. It also helps you to develop an appreciation for all you have, individually and as a couple. A recent nationwide survey showed that adults who volunteer tend to enlarge and develop their social circle while also boosting their relationships.

You have multiple choices when it comes to volunteering your time. You can look into soup kitchens where you can help prepare and serve a meal. Animal shelters are always in need of help to cuddle, groom and exercise the cats, dogs, guinea pigs and other animals. Plus there are building projects for low-income families like Habitat for Humanity.

Perhaps consider what your shared interests with your loved one are and find a volunteer opportunity that suits.

Pamper Yourselves at Home

With how hectic our lives can be, going out on Valentine’s Day might be more out of duty rather than pleasure. Maybe staying home is a rare luxury you want to savor on February 14th.

The trick is, however, to not get sidetracked by the chores around the place. Commit to spending time with your partner.

Plan a movie marathon for the pair of you. You can finally watch all the Star Wars movies back-to-back like you’ve been talking about for months.

You can also give each other back rubs and foot massages. There are proven benefits to the simple act of touch, and it is a language of compassion.

Find Adventure & Wondercold-snow-woman-winter

Planning a vacation or romantic getaway isn’t always in the cards — or the budget — for Valentines Day.

Fortunately, you can make your own adventure in your hometown. It may take a little bit of planning, but the time and thought you put in will illustrate your commitment and care for your loved one.

If you want to go out to eat, consider visiting several different restaurants instead of eating an entire meal at just one. You can start with appetizers at one, then hop to another restaurant for the main course. Then, move one more time for dessert — and perhaps even once again for a night cap. This is a great way to indulge your taste buds and your sense of culinary adventure. Or just a way to revisit your favorite places to eat.

You might also venture over to a planetarium to see the wondrous and mysterious sky above or look into the future with a visit to a fortuneteller.

Another entertaining thing to do is to plan a scavenger hunt for your partner. Write clues and visit places that are important to you as a couple. You can use old-fashioned notes or go techy with emails or text message hints.


Did you really think that I could leave home improvement or home decor out of the equation?!

Since I am dateless this Valentine’s Day, I thought I would include some inspiration for those of us that are sans-partner during these cold winter months. I mean, just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that the rest of us stay in bed! A great activity for a couple or those who are uncoupled is to work on refinishing an old wooden piece of furniture that is either laying around your house or that you found at a flea market/ thrift store.

Basic supplies include:

  • Sander (and paper)
  • Wooden Table or Stand
  • Wood Stain
  • Clear Coat

This is a pretty extensive activity and will take up a couple of hours in your day, so it’s best to start it in the early morning if you want to have it dry overnight. All you have to do is take the sander to your table until it reaches your desired smoothness. Then, brush off any remaining wood dust from your piece. Once it’s completely clean, begin the process of staining it with your desired color. There are several varieties of wood stain available at your local home improvement store, so choose the one you like the best. It’s best to either aim to match the color to the previous one or go darker, as trying to add a lighter coat usually never delivers the desired color.

It’s important to follow the directions on your wood stain, some are rub-on only and others allow you to use a paint brush. Keep your area well-ventilated when staining and let it dry per the instructions on the can. Once complete, apply the clear coat to the top and you’re done.

I’ll complete my own version of this project later this week, as I will have plenty of time on my hands this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share a tutorial with you all!

As for you, make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet to celebrate your romantic relationship. Consider what makes your connection special and how you can creatively honor that. You can have a little — or a lot — of fun while doing it, too. Even if you’re single, like me!


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Unconventional Date Ideas for Valentine's Day
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