Tree Decorating Themes to Try Out

Tree Decorating Themes to Try Out

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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to vet tree decorating themes. Planning a decorating theme for your Christmas tree can be lots of fun! Your ornament selection can be based on certain colors or things – like icicles, snowmen or flags. You can even extend your decorating surface to include the area beneath your tree. Here are 15 different themes to help get you started. Relax and let your creativity soar!

Christmas tree

Source: Artur Staszewski

Golden Honey Tree

Gold ribbon flows like honey over the branches of this Christmas tree. Light sparkles off shiny globes of white and gold. Red and gold bows joyfully dot the tree adding pops of color!

Poinsettias Christmas Tree

Source:  Zhaunieag

Poinsettias and Glittery Globes

Red and white poinsettia blooms are intermingled within the lovely branches of this evergreen. Glittery globes, bunches of berries and feather-like fronds are among some of its treasures. And a choir of potted red poinsettias encircles the tree to join in the celebration!

Christmas Holiday decorations.

Source: The White House

Snowflakes and Icicles

A gathering of intricate snowflakes gently cascades down the delicate branches of this fir tree. Icicle-like ornaments secured with thin red bows add to its perfection.


Source: Christmas in Melbourne

It’s a Celebration!

This tree is exploding with bounteous color! It’s as if the party has already started. This one is definitely not your grandmother’s Christmas tree theme, but it is gorgeous! Plus, bring your tree to a new level with wrapping paper and bows that accent your theme colors.


Source: Michael Rivera

Santa Tree

This tree sports a vast and varied collection of Santas. And the distinct colors of his suit are echoed in the stockings, beaded garland and soft snowflakes! A perfect finishing touch is to set gifts beneath the tree adorned in wrapping paper that matches your theme colors.

Red White and Blue Christmas Tree

Source: Ronincmc

Red, White and Blue

America flags, peppermint-stripped globes and white doves decorate this fresh-from-the-forest evergreen. What a brilliant combination for evoking a patriotic Christmas feel.

Handmade ornament tree

Source: SEWilco

Handmade With Love

Colorful handmade ornaments made by children gleefully adorn this tree. The sparkling star crowns the tree beautifully. Oh, the fun they must have had!

Snowman tree holiday

Source: inkknife_2000

Snowy and Bright

Large, happy snowmen carry forth their message of cheer as they drape joyfully across this Christmas tree. Silver stars, glittery globes and clusters of white-tipped pinecones superbly harmonize with the theme!

Reindeer tree

Source: Unsplash

Reindeer Tree

Gold and bronze are splendid partners on this festive tree. Three large reindeer stand majestically beneath its branches. Bows and globes in shades of gold and bronze shimmer among its branches. The broad ribbon swirls around it like silky caramel.

Bright and beautiful

Source: Pexels

Bright and Beautiful

Cozy up by the fire and bask in the glow of this bright and beautiful tree. Full-sized Christmas lights are reminiscent of days gone by, while wooden cookie molds dangle as treasured medallions and burlap ribbon weaves itself between the branches. A shiny, gold and multi-pointed star tops this Christmas tree with perfection.

Nature Tree

Source: Patrick Pelletier

Nature Tree

A delightful change from the ordinary, this nature tree is a show stopper. Dried flowers, leaves and pinecones are intermingled with gold bows and white lights. The color-coordinated gift wrapping on the presents accentuates its beauty.

snowballs and pinecones

Source: Pexels

Snowballs and Pinecones

Vibrant, white globes appear as snowballs among white-tipped pinecones and cinnamon-colored sleigh bells. Burlap ribbon winds downward through the evergreen branches. And a blanket of snow beautifully cradles this winter woodland tree. This theme sets the stage for cozy comfort and joy!

Family photo tree

Source: Kevin Dooley

Family Photos

This theme uses copies of your favorite family photos and turns them into beautiful decorations. Shiny red ornaments and bright beads add color and sparkle to this tree.  It’s time to start perusing old photo boxes so you can turn your captured memories into eye-catching ornaments

Doll Tree White House

Source: The White House

Doll Lover’s Dream

This beautiful tree is adorned with vintage dolls shaded by matching parasols and dressed all in white. Shiny white globes dot the tree while a garland of glittery-white snowballs gracefully rests on the branches. Large vintage dolls, a dollhouse and a small rocking horse gathered around the tree complete the theme.  



Source: Pexels

Winter Wonderland

Imagine this snow-covered evergreen in your home. Cotton forms the first layer of snow and a sprinkling of glittery flakes add the finishing touch. White lights sparkle from the branches below creating your own winter wonderland!

With so many wonderful choices, how can one decide? Well, if you really can’t choose just one, you could decorate your full-size family tree using one theme, and in a different room set up a smaller tree or two to display your other favorites. Unleash your creativity!

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Tree Decorating Themes to Try Out
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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's time to vet tree decorating themes. Here are options for you to consider this holiday season!
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