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6 Nautical Decor Ideas for Summer

August 11, 2016 , In: Home Decor, Indoors , With: 2 Comments

Ahoy, mates! Is your inner mermaid or pirate longing for a deserted island? Whether you are decorating your entire house with nautical decor or just one room, here are some tips for creating your own tropical paradise.

Being Awash in a Sea of Color

Bringing out your inner mermaid doesn’t mean you have to get your feet wet. Start with a little color on the floor, as in a nautical themed rug. This Kraken inspired rug is one suggestion that may keep your guests on their toes.Nautical Compass Painted on Ceiling

However, if you’d rather not cover your beautiful wood floors, consider painting a nautical compass instead. You could also add one on the ceiling as a chandelier medallion to give your guests a sense of direction.

Whichever method you choose, use color to tie your floors and the rest of the space together. Put some color on the walls that are inspired by the sea. Don’t forget you can also use neutral sand colors for your walls that will allow you to bring in pops of color in your furniture or accent pieces you can change out with the seasons. Another idea to bring color into your room is to paint your ceiling.

Decorating in Your Home Port

Nautical Decor Sink

If you are focusing on one room for your nautical decor theme, the bathroom is an obvious choice. Though your options for decorating are as deep as the Marianas Trench. This ammonite concrete sink is one of many creative designs that can be made using a mold for concrete — or if you happen upon a giant clam shell on a scuba diving trip, you can have it turned into a sink as well.

Re-tiling your shower or bathtub area? What about using mermaid tiles? Available in a variety of colors and iridescence, your bathroom will have a unique look that will make it one of a kind. If you aren’t ready to completely make over your bathroom, you can also purchase small items. Consider a mermaid or ocean-themed shower curtain, that will look beautiful with ocean blue towels.

nautical buoys made from canning jars

For some creative nautical buoys, make rustic looking ones out of canning jars. You can use to hold q-tips or toothbrushes if you don’t want to have them hanging as decorations. You can also use 4×4 blocks of wood to make nautical buoys that can be used to accent your house numbers.

Additionally, frame a vintage seashell botanical print on the wall, or mount some shells found on your last beach vacation in shadow boxes to hang on the wall.

nautical knot lampshade accent

To cast a little light on your nautical subject, wrap an old lamp with rope and top it off with a shade for a new look. If you are skilled at tying nautical knots, use one to accent a lamp shade. You can also coil rope in a circle and glue it together to make a rope rug for a great focal point on the floor.

Lighting up the Night

Since summer nights and sitting outside go hand-in-hand, take your nautical lighting theme outside.

Need some citronella candles to keep the bugs away? You can dress them up with a little nautical DIY. One quick way is to wrap them in rope or burlap and add a few seashells to them, or even some nautical charms. You also can buy string lights in a nautical theme or make your own with found scallop shells.

shabby chic beach lantern

For a shabby chic beach lantern, add sand and shells to a lantern and put a candle in it. Larger shells also make perfect tea light holders.

Sitting on the Dock

Giving your home a nautical feel can be as much or as little as you want it to be. One thing to remember is that tying it all together with a sound or a scent is often the little touch that makes it so much more.

Playing a CD of beach sounds such as waves washing upon the shore and seagulls in the air can evoke a feeling of being there. Scented candles can also give a relaxing sense of well-being to your home when they remind you of summer days.

Summer Fruit

Savoring the Flavor of the Sea

Food is another source of fond memories that can be used to transport your guests to another place and time, even in the middle of a gridlocked city. Take some fresh tropical fruit served with cold summer drinks along with some shrimp or a delectable fillet of fish. Can you feel the sand between your toes already?  

Salvaging a Shipwreck

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an amazing nautical decor in your abode. Many unique decorating items can be found at flea markets, garage sales, boat salvage yards and online.

Old ship wheels, anchors, port holes or even an old brass diving helmet can add to the charm of your nautical décor. Even an old surfboard can be repurposed in your design. Summer is also when larger arts and craft stores, like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, carry a wide variety of nautical themed décor.

Whether at the beach or in the middle of the mountains, it takes just a few carefully placed shells, some pictures and inspiration to bring back summer beach memories.

What are your favorite beach-y memories? Let me know in the comments!


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6 Nautical Decor Ideas for Summer
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      • November 13, 2017

      Thanks for reading Bobby! 🙂

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