Simple Wall-Painting Ideas for Your Home

Simple Wall-Painting Ideas for Your Home

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The simplest of all wall-painting ideas — a single color brushed over all the walls of a particular room — is getting boring. You’re looking for something unique, something eye-catching — something that seems far beyond your range of painting abilities.

In that assumption, you would be wrong: There are plenty of ways to repaint the walls in your home that are not only achievable, but also the beautiful, one-of-a-kind patterns you envision. So, grab your paintbrush and choose one of the following five simple wall-painting ideas with a huge wow factor:


A clean, geometric chevron pattern can make a statement in just about any room of your home. You can choose two similar colors for a subtle striped look, or go bold with two contrasting hues so your chevron really stands out. It’s up to you to choose how thick or thin you’d like your zigzag stripes to be.

All you need to create a chevron pattern is a roller and paintbrush, a big roll of painter’s tape, a chalk line and reel to create your lines, two paint colors, a ruler, a pencil and a paint tray. After painting your wall in the base color and letting it dry, you’ll have to carefully measure, mark and create your chevron lines. That part might seem tedious, but you’ll be happy with the end result: a perfectly geometric pattern and instant focal point for any room in your home.


Perhaps chevron isn’t quite your thing, but you’re still feeling the delineated motif. If so, you’re in luck: Stripes can be done even more easily with the same crisp results.

You’ll need a very similar list of supplies: rollers, brushes, painter’s tape, a level, paint tray, ruler, etc. After painting your base coat, you’ll measure out the stripes so they’re even. Then, you’ll paint every other rectangle in the accent color to create a striped pattern on your walls and voila: You’ve got a bit of interest on your walls without a Herculean effort on your part.

paint for polka dots

Polka Dots

There’s nothing quite as cute and whimsical as polka dots when it comes to patterns, and you’ll love them even more when you realize how easy they are to create on your walls. With a few kitchen sponges and circular stencils, you can quickly create the stencils you need to dot your walls. If you’ve already got a nice background hue on your walls, you can simply start stamping your dots in the colors of your choice.


Ombre has been one of the most popular patterns as of late, although you’re probably more likely to think of it as a hairstyle than of a pattern for a statement wall. However, the soft, cascading colors can make an incredible focal point in any room, and the easy flow of one hue to another means you don’t have to be a pro painter to make it look incredible.

Like all the other projects, you don’t need much to achieve an ombre look: Some tutorials suggest you pick up three paint colors in hues that’ll easily flow into one another. You’ll also need a paint roller, trays and liners, and a wide paintbrush to help you brush on the transitional hues.

This job will require a bit of mixing. Of course, you’ll start by painting the lightest color on the top third of your wall, the medium shade in the middle third and the darkest hue at the bottom. Then, you’ll mix the lightest and medium shade together and paint that between those two sections. The medium and dark paints will be combined to ease the transition between those colors, too. In the end, you’ll have a gorgeous, cascading wall color that slowly moves from light to dark — and catches the eye of everyone who visits your home.

Template Painting

Finally, don’t shy away from using a template or stencil to paint the walls in your home. The most important thing to do in this project is to suspend your expectation that your creation will look perfect and exactly like wallpaper. It’s supposed to look hand-painted, which means it’ll have its imperfections — this is what makes it special and unique.

By now, you can probably surmise the supplies you’ll need to make your template painting a reality. A circular sponge, paint roller, painter’s tape, paint and, of course, a design template are among the supplies you need for this project. It’ll take a weekend to complete the paint job, but the time will be well worth it when you have a room that’s been personalized by your paintbrush.  

Get Painting

These are just five examples of the many ways to personalize your next paint job. Try one and see how skilled you are at these types of designs — you may just find yourself ready to take your efforts to the next level with a more complicated paint project in the future. For now, though, the above five will give you the result you want, which is an eye-catching statement wall that’s just as beautiful as it is easy to create.  

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Simple Wall-Painting Ideas for Your Home
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Simple Wall-Painting Ideas for Your Home
The simplest of all wall-painting ideas — a single color brushed over all the walls of a particular room — is getting boring. Check out some of these intriguing, but simple wall-painting ideas for your home.
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