7 Outdoor DIY Holiday Decorations.

7 Outdoor DIY Holiday Decorations

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for anyone who likes to decorate for the holidays, anyway.

And then, there’s you — not sure if you should go with colorful, blinking, icicle or plain white twinkle lights, so you decide to hibernate for the season instead.

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative DIY projects you can make all on your own. You’re at least slightly crafty, and we know it. Not only will you have a set of decorations that’s different from everyone else’s in the neighborhood, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you successfully created everything all on your own.

Clear off your kitchen table, grab some supplies and start crafting the following seven outdoor DIY holiday decorations before Santa gets here:


  1. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Via DIY & Crafts

You’ve got boxes full of ornaments for your tree, so why not hang some outside, too? These colorful baubles hang beautifully from garland you can easily string across the front of your house, making the whole darn property look like a Christmas tree.

All you need are some cheap plastic balls in different colors, a few leftover plastic containers, a coat hanger and glue, among other supplies. In no time — and with very little money — your home will be decked out.


  1. Lighted Christmas Boxes

Via Trendy Tree

When Halloween rolls around, you know exactly how you’ll decorate your front stoop: pumpkins, and lots of ‘em. However, the front stoop can be a bit more difficult to decorate when it’s winter. Lots of plants will, of course, wilt and die, and lights strung from your windows, roofline or even in your bushes draw eyes away.

That’s why these little DIY Christmas presents are perfect for that space this year and beyond. They’re easy to build, too. All you need are a handful of zip ties and some chicken wire to build the boxes. Then, the rest of the decorating is up to you. You can even re-wrap your presents down the line for a fresh look each year.  


  1. Terra Cotta Snowman

Via The Home Depot

Here’s another reusable front-stoop decoration: a snowman made not of snowballs, but of painted and stacked terracotta pots. In less than an hour, you can build your own snowman. Much like the aforementioned light-up presents, this guy is easy to customize, too.

While the one pictured is dressed in very traditional snowman attire, you can give yours whatever style you envision. We can pretty much guarantee your kids will want to help you choose his look, too.


  1. Rake Reindeer

Via Lowe’s

It turns out home improvement stores know how to help you decorate for Christmas because this rake reindeer by Lowe’s is just as cute as the Home Depot snowman we just suggested.

This guy is easy to make, too. Simply hot glue eyes and a bright red nose onto a rake, and you’ve got yourself a stand-up reindeer to smile at passersby from your fence.

candy cane decoration

  1. PVC Candy Canes

Via Matthew Ashman for eHow

That crisp red-and-white color combination never gets old and never fails to catch the eye. Imagine how your front yard would look if you created a dozen — or more! — PVC candy canes and used them to line the edge of your driveway or the walkway to your front door?

It would look like a festive version of Candyland, and that’s a design motif everyone can get behind.

snowflakes for outdoors

  1. Frosty Banners

Via Martha Stewart  

You’ve probably cut out paper snowflakes at some point in your life. But have you ever hung them up outside? The genius we call Martha Stewart realized we could take our paper snowflakes outdoors if we made them from weatherproof paper, and what a darling decoration they make when they’re ready to withstand precipitation.

If you’re not able to find weatherproof paper, of course, you can make them on regular old printer paper and tape them to the inside of your window panes.

colorful bulb wreath

  1. Colorful Bulbs Wreath

Via Brian Woodcock for Country Living

Making your own wreath is a classic DIY project around this time of year, but why stick to the evergreen branches and big fabric bows you’re used to? Instead, chase waterfalls in the decorative sense with this bright and cheery light bulb wreath.

The process of creating this adorable front door wreath is pretty easy. All you have to do is hot-glue two layers of colored bulbs to a craft ring. Voila! You’ve got an out-of-the-ordinary decoration for your front door.

Time to DIY

The Internet is replete with holiday DIY ideas for your front yard and beyond. So, if one of the above projects doesn’t catch your eye, do a little research. You might just find that the perfect project is a Google search or Pinterest board away.

Once you’ve found the perfect project, all you have left to do is get started. Soon, you’ll have a handmade decoration of your own — and a sense of bewilderment thinking about the time you thought you couldn’t actually decorate. You were so, so wrong.

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