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Last Minute Cinco De Mayo Decor Hacks

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Let’s be real: The tequila is on-hand. You probably bought all of the ingredients and toppings for your tacos, too. Priorities, priorities. But what about the Cinco de Mayo decor?

Unfortunately, your upcoming Cinco de Mayo party is going to be muy lame without the decorations to go with the menu. Even more unfortunately, you may not have much time to pull everything together — between work, sleep, social life and, you know, the occasional Netflix binge.

That’s why I’m here.

The following are eight ways to hack your Cinco de Mayo party décor. They’re easy and they look great — even better as you finish that margarita. Now, it’s time for that fiesta!

pinata wearing sombrero

Piñata – Duh

What is a Cinco de Mayo party without a piñata? And what’s better than watching your buzzed friends trying to whack a floating crepe-paper donkey? I don’t know. That’s why you should either go out and buy a piñata or make one yourself. Either way, fill it with stuff that your friends will appreciate: Candy, mini bottles of booze, you get the idea. Just make sure to keep a safe distance from the person whacking the piñata so that nobody gets hurt. That would be no bueno.

Can It and Show It Off

Whether you stocked up on Mexican beer or bought specialty salsa, you’ve probably got some fun, colorful cans just laying around in your recycling bin. Pull them outta there and wash them, though, because these make the perfect vases for a Cinco de Mayo dinner party. Once they’re freshened up, add bright flowers like daisies to complete the festive look before you place them at the center of your table or on the bar. Either way, everyone will see ‘em.

Fork of Art

The title says it all: I am suggesting that you turn a pack of plain wooden forks, spoons and knives into art — which your guests will eat with. All you need are paint and permanent markers to add color and detail, respectively. With those, you can easily paint a cactus. You can also get creative and come up with your own design.

Sombrero Chip Holder

Chances are, if you love Cinco de Mayo, you have a sombrero lying around somewhere. That big, beautiful brim makes it more than a snazzy accessory or a space hog in your closet — it’s actually a great chip holder! Pour a bag of tortillas right into it, or line it with napkins if it’s a sombrero of the nicer variety. Add a few bowls of salsa on the side and voila: You’ve got a great centerpiece for your food table.

Win the Pennant

Whether or not you care about sports — on Cinco de Mayo, tequila drinking can count as one — you know what a pennant is. The extra-long triangles are the shape of choice when it comes to party banners. And, with a few cuts of nice paper, a hole puncher and some string, you can make one of your own. Should it say, “Fiesta!” or “Tequila!” or “I Heart Guac”? That’s up to you, but, no matter what, it’ll be easy to design one of your very own.

table linen

Line It With Linen

A fancy table runner is a must-have for a fancy dinner party. While Cinco de Mayo doesn’t fall into that category, you can still roll out a runner — so long as you choose one with a traditional Mexican pattern or something bright and fun that evokes the spirit of the holiday. Top it off with napkins in coordinating colors and your table will be popping — just like your party!

Spruced-Up Straws

Once upon a time, a paper umbrella in a cocktail meant it was tropical and fancy. That’s really not the case anymore unless you’re doing something snazzy for Cinco de Mayo. One blogger attached small, intricate paper flags to each of her guests’ cocktail straws for a party favor that begs everyone to sip a little bit more and a little bit longer. In other words, don’t make fun drinking accessories if you want your guests to leave early. Tequila!

Photo Booth Backdrop

It’s 2016, so everyone has to leave a party with an Instagram- or Facebook-ready pic. Ensure your guests have it with a homemade mural that doubles as the perfect photo backdrop! Colorful rolls of washi tape are all you need to outline some cacti, an avocado, a lime or whatever you think of when you think of the holiday. For bonus points, place some festive accessories at the base so your guests can slip them on for the pics.

See? It’s easy to throw together a party that’s more than just tacos and tequila. Prepare to have some minds blown as they realize that there can be something even better than Mexican food alone: A Mexican-themed celebration! I’ll drink to that on Cinco de Mayo and, really, any other day of the year. Salud!

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Last Minute Cinco De Mayo Decor Hacks
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Last Minute Cinco De Mayo Decor Hacks
Let’s be real: We already know you have the tequila on-hand. Here are quick hacks that can amp up your Cinco de Mayo decor.
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