10 Landscaping Tools to Treat Yourself to

10 Landscaping Tools to Treat Yourself to

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Are you thinking ahead to warm weather and spring gardening? Do you love new tools that make working in the yard faster and easier? Now is a great time to treat yourself, and here are 10 landscaping tools to consider.

Garden Gloves

New gloves should be on every gardener’s list. Wearing new gloves at the start of a new growing season is like wearing new pajamas on Christmas. Gloves come in a variety of fabrics, colors and prices, but here’s one that might be new to you — bamboo gardener gloves for $5. Made of bamboo, they protect your hands with rubber palms yet have a breathable backing for comfort.

Hori Hori Knife

This multipurpose knife has a tempered, steel blade, which provides both a serrated and a straight edge. It’s great for planting, cutting, pounding and more. The Hori Hori knife is available for $30 with a five-year warranty

Stirrup Hoe

A stirrup hoe, sometimes called an action hoe, makes weeding simpler in the garden and in the mulch around your shrubbery. Its special pivoting blade allows for an easy push-pull motion that takes out the weeds but leaves the soil nicely fluffed. You can find a 7” Swiss-made stirrup hoe for $61.

Scoop Head Shovel

A scoop head shovel, also known as a grain shovel, is great for shoveling snow from your driveway and sidewalks. It also works better than a pointed shovel when scooping up mulch to place around your plants. A 31-inch aluminum scoop shovel sells for $48.


Do you need an easier way to move heavy items around your yard? A Green Thumb 2-Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow can help you move all types of materials more quickly and easily. Made of plastic or metal and with one or two wheels, this landscaping tool is a must-have. With a 300 lb. load capacity, you can find this must-have for $79.99.

garden hose

Hose Nozzle and Sprayer

Of course you need to water your plants on a regular basis to keep them healthy, but how do you get the water to the plants? A sturdy and long garden hose with a durable hose nozzle is important for this job.

A complete buyer’s guide is available to help you make the best choice. Prices range from $6 to $42 as the materials, durability and functions vary. When spring comes, and you have the right tool for the job, you’ll have saved yourself both stress and time.

Hedge Trimmers

Do you want to increase the curb appeal of your home? Hedge trimmers can be just what you need to groom your shrubbery and keep it looking neat.

First, there are three power types to choose from — battery, electric and gas. And the blades come in varying lengths to help you tackle your hedge trimming with ease. Battery powered trimmers range in price from $45-$360. Electric powered trimmers range from $27-$300. And gas-powered trimmers, being the most expensive, range in price from $290-$520.

Garden Trowel

Trowel blades come in a variety of shapes, lengths and materials. In the spring, they are particularly handy when planting flowers and certain vegetable plants. Look at the cute shape of this garden trowel. Its blade is ideal for scooping dirt and loosening plants from their pots. You can get this premium potting trowel for planting and transplanting, with a lifetime guarantee, for $26.95.

Lawn Edger

Do you have sidewalks and trees to trim around? If you’ve considered getting a lawn edger to make your lawn incredibly neat and clean, then now is a great time to make a selection.

If you are working in a small space, then a manual edger may be your best choice. These are around the $60 range. Electric powered trimmers can range in price from $50-$78 and can help you complete the task in less time than a manual tool. High-powered gas edgers are great when caring for large yards or completing commercial jobs, and can cost up to $470.

String Trimmer

String trimmers, also known as weed whackers and weed eaters, are a must-have for almost every yard. They allow you to easily cut the grass unreachable with your lawnmower and give your yard a tidy and spruced up appearance.

But how do you decide which string trimmer is best for you? Cost is one factor to consider. Gas trimmers range from $70-$300, electric trimmers are in the $70-$120 range and battery powered options are available from around $100-$300.

Yard size and machine life are other factors to weigh. Gas trimmers are generally known to offer the most power and are necessary for large yards with patches of thick grass and weeds. In time, the battery packs on electric trimmers need replacing and are nearly as expensive as the trimmer itself.

These 10 landscaping tools are wonderful gifts you can treat yourself to. And using the right tool for the job will make spring yardwork easier and faster.  Just picture yourself breathing in the spring air and loving the progress you’ve made.

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10 Landscaping Tools to Treat Yourself to
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10 Landscaping Tools to Treat Yourself to
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