6 Landscaping Designs You Should Leave to the Pros

6 Landscaping Designs You Should Leave to the Pros

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Landscaping is something people either jump at right away when they move into a new home or wait years to start. There’s no denying that landscaping projects can be expensive — and buying high-quality materials doesn’t always mean you’re able to do the work yourself.

Think about the biggest projects a homeowner can take on. Maybe you’re thinking of repainting the inside of the house or power-washing the outside of it. Landscaping is one of those projects where you can go into it thinking you know exactly how to accomplish your goals until you learn how many layers of the project you never considered. It makes any homeowner wonder if they should call in a landscaper for help.

Before you start making any of your landscaping dreams come true, think about what you want to do and whether it might be smarter to just pay a professional to help you out. Not sure how to decide? Check out some major landscape designs that people often attempt and afterwards wish they had called a landscaper for. It may end up saving you time and money.

  1. A Front Yard Facelift

Any major changes you want to make to your yard will probably be too big for you to handle on your own. Especially when it comes to your front yard, you want the work to be in the most competent hands possible. Front yards are what make the first impression on anyone who drives by or visits. Consult a professional to double-check that the changes you want are possible, that they won’t run afoul of buried power or sewer lines and that they’ll look good when they’re done.

  1. Increased Foliage

One of the most popular landscaping plans is adding more foliage to your yard. Whether you want trees, bushes or flowers, a landscaper will keep you from investing time and money into plants that will quickly die from conditions you didn’t even know where bad. Knowing plants and what they need is part of landscaping 101, so put your trust in a professional landscaper to choose the right plants for your soil type, weather, region and other conditions that will affect the plants in your yard.

backyard water features

  1. Water Features

People who don’t live near natural rivers or lakes tend to enjoy adding water features to their yards. This can mean installing a fountain or creating a faux stream. You can always find ways to do these projects yourself online, but when you start to think about excavating, piping, pumps and hardscaping materials, it can quickly become more complicated than early impressions let on. Landscapers will be able to see these issues coming even before the project starts and they’ll be well prepared to handle them.

  1. Decks or Sheds

Having a deck to sit and grill on would be wonderful and it’s something every homeowner should get to experience. Sheds also add great storage space for homes that have run out of room in their garage or basement. But did you know that these things require permits and expert knowledge for installation? Professional landscapers know which home improvement projects require a permit and they’ll be able to perform construction with materials that suit the conditions and the style of your home.

  1. New Lighting Plan

Outdoor lighting makes all the difference in the world when it comes to enjoying time in your yard or showing your neighborhood that you’re a proud homeowner. If you’re thinking of adding new lights to your yard, avoid the danger of installing them yourself by calling a landscaper. They’ll help you find the latest lighting designs to accent your home perfectly and they’ll know how to handle the wiring required.

  1. In-Ground Pools

You can buy an above-ground pool almost anywhere, since they come in all shapes and sizes. The downside is that they often look tacky, so you might prefer to have an in-ground pool instead. Just never attempt to start this project on your own!

In-ground pools require heavy machinery to move the dirt and level-out the sides and bottom of your pool. The lining and further installation will take equipment you can’t easily rent or find anywhere. Those are just some of the things you should know before buying an in-ground pool. You’ll make a better investment by talking with a landscaper who can point out where in your yard a pool will work best and then connect you with pool companies who have done this a thousand times before.

Landscaping might not seem like such a big deal when you’re first dreaming of the changes you’d like to make to your yard. You can picture every detail in your mind — so you should be able to do it on your own, right? Remember, though — landscapers are in business for a reason!

From permits to plant needs, landscapers know the ins and outs of yard alterations. They’ll help you complete your projects without missing a beat so you don’t end up getting a knock on your door from your local government about broken violations. Even though the cost of hiring a landscaper might seem like a lot up front, they’re worth their fees over time, since they can prevent any big mistakes and ensure the results are picture-perfect.

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6 Landscaping Designs You Should Leave to the Pros
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6 Landscaping Designs You Should Leave to the Pros
Landscaping is something people either jump at right away when they move into a new home or wait years to start. Either way, if you're looking to start a project soon, make sure to consult a pro before attempting the following landscaping designs.
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