Kitchen Storage Ideas for the Messy Home

Kitchen Storage Ideas for the Messy Home

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It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small. You no doubt have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored. From pots and pans, appliances and utensils to spices and food, your kitchen has a lot going on, and it doesn’t take long for those things to clutter counters and make your house messy.

Redoing your entire kitchen might not be an option due to cost and time. However, to get the most out of your space and to reduce the amount of mess, there are some things you can do yourself. Below are some kitchen storage ideas for the messy home.

1. Add Hooks to the Underside of Cabinets

There’s a lot of unused space under your cabinets. Adding hooks will allow you to hang mugs, measuring utensils or other cooking utensils such as spoons or spatulas. You can also add a paper towel rack for easy access and to keep countertops clutter free.

kitchen storage under cupboard

2. Add Hooks to the Inside of Cabinets

Adding hooks for various utensils to the inside of cabinets will keep your kitchen organized and the mess out of sight. Hookscan be applied to any cabinet for practically any purpose. They are a great place to hang measuring cups and measuring spoons, cooking utensils, hot pads or cleaning supplies.

3. Consider Other Inside Cupboard Storage Ideas

In addition to hooks, you can also add shelving as well as knife racks or cutting board storage to the inside of your cabinets to reduce clutter. Towel bars can be used to hang towels or store lids out of sight.

4. Add a Shelf Over Windows

If you have windows in your kitchen — even if it’s just one — consider adding a shelf over the top to increase the amount of storage space. This is a good spot to store dishes, pots and pans or decorations. No matter what you place on the shelf, it will be out of the way and reduce the mess that occurs on your counter.

kitchen storage shelf

5. Add a Pegboard

Having pots, pans and utensils accessible when cooking can be accomplished by adding a pegboard to a wall in your kitchen. It will also keep drawers and cabinets free from clutter and your countertops free of messes. You can add shelves for knick-knacks or spices, too.

6. Put Pullouts in Your Cupboards

Keeping everything in its place in your cupboards and having space for all of it, as well as having it easy to get to, might require the use of cupboard pullouts. These will allow you to store more items in a smaller space but be able to access them whenever you need. They are a great storage solution for cluttered kitchens.

7. Opt for Open Shelves

Currently, open shelves are all the rage in kitchen design, but they also help you utilize every spare inch of space in your kitchen. Open shelves are budget-friendly, convenient and flexible. You will have to keep them organized and clean because they are always visible, but with a little time and effort, that task should be easy to accomplish.

kitchen storage tall shelves

8. Build a Pullout Pantry

Have some space between your wall and the fridge or another appliance? Consider adding a pullout pantry for more storage. You will increase your storage capacity and keep clutter and mess down to a minimum or easily hidden.

9. Make Surfaces Pull Double-Duty

Instead of having extra cutting boards taking up space in your kitchen, consider converting part of your countertop into a cutting surface. This can be an ideal way to replace damaged or outdated countertops without spending a lot of money. Cutting board countertops are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing as well.

You may also consider countertops with recessed areas that can double as a bowl. This can be a great place to store fruits and vegetables or to keep eggs or other round foods from rolling off your countertop.

10. Use Baskets for Storage

Wicker baskets are a great way to store a variety of kitchen utensils, including cutting boards, cooking implements, cookie sheets or wire racks. Whether placed on the countertop, the floor or on shelves, they are a stylish way to keep your kitchen organized and mess free.

kitchen storage woven baskets

No matter what size kitchen you have, there are numerous ways to keep it from getting messy and cluttered that won’t break your budget. Deciding what storage options work best for you will depend on your needs and style, but there’s something that will work for everyone.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas for the Messy Home
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Kitchen Storage Ideas for the Messy Home
It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small. You no doubt have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored. Here are some kitchen storage ideas that you can use in your home.
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    • Bijou De Bexar
    • July 27, 2018

    Hi, you mention quite a few useful storage solutions but suggesting wicker baskets for use in the kitchen is not one of them. Wicker is a plant fiber and thus subject to holding moisture which naturally occurs in a kitchen environment. This can soon develop into mold or mildew and eventually can rot and or ruin all those cute towels or wooden untensils. as well as the baskets themselves. The open weave means dust and food particles, (again, a fact of life in a kitchen that is actually used food preparation), lodge in the fibers and make cleaning difficult. It’s hard to even see what’s hiding in there.let alone clean it out. When was the last time you filled your tub with cool water and a splash of mild detergent then used a soft nylon bristled brush followed by a vigorous swishing to clean your wicker baskets? Did you then find a well-ventilated shady spot upon which you could spread some thick, absorbent towels to lay your now clean baskets on until thoroughly dry? Plus, Damp+Dirt+Food=Ideal Living Space & Feeding/Breeding Grounds for insects and vermin of all varieties. Avoid in bathroom for all of the above reasons. Moisture resistant or washable fabric baskets are a much better option as are plastic, glass or ceramic containers that can be regularly emptied and washed by machine or hand. I live in a 175 yr.old house in New Orleans, and buy caulk buy the case but it can never seal every crack and gap. Tree Roaches are a fact of life in the South, but that nasty German variety is everywhere., as are spiders, flies, mice and rats. BTW, I am a passionate supporter of the historical preservation of our beautifully crafted homes, and work with folks on how to properly clean and maintain architecturally significant structures. Keep up your efforts. Bijou

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