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Wow! Can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for over a year now. In that time, I’ve made some incredible e-connections. I’ve searched corners of the web that I didn’t know existed and found useful, inspiring ideas that have helped me to form my own blog. Without further ado, here are some of the best dang home improvement blogs on the internet!

Best Dang Home Improvement Blogs

(Probably an unnecessary heading, but oh well)

  1. The Ugly Duckling House: The Ugly Duckling House is a home improvement blog by Sarah who started documenting her home renovation around 2010. She’s undertaken multiple renovation projects on her first house in the midst of getting her M.B.A. Basically I consider a superhero boss lady in the world of home improvement blogging.
  2. Manhattan Nest: Daniel is a New Yorker who has a lot of experience flipping two older homes that have a lot of history. The sheer amount of work he has tackled since starting Manhattan Nest in his college dorm room is extraordinary (VERY ~extra~ as the kids say (I’m a kid, I say this)).
  3. Interior Design: Interior Design is the perfect place to find your home improvement inspiration. While it’s less of a here’s-how-you-do-it site, there are definitely good ideas about how to incorporate the right colors, materials, and textures in your home to make it your own space.
  4. Elle Decor: Want to take a peek inside Tay Swizzle (read: Taylor Swift’s) mega mansion? Elle Decor is the place for you. With a mixture of high-level access to celebrity cribs and ideas for your your own home, you get the best of both worlds on this design-focused blog.
  5. Kathy’s Remodeling Blog: Want the ins and outs of what you should (and shouldn’t) do during a renovation? Make sure to check out Kathy’s Remodeling Blog. There are a lot of lessons here that a first-time homeowner could benefit greatly from. There are also a lot of budget-friendly projects that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.
  6. DIY Show Off: Roeshel basically runs the home DIY and decorating space of the interwebs. If you’re looking for a tutorial, there’s a good chance you will find it on DIY Show Off. Love upcycling? There are a ton of ideas and inspiration from not only Roeshel, but the many others who contribute their ideas!
  7. Old House Web: If you’re committed to having the old Victorian on the corner, Old House Web is the best website for you. They provide expert tips on the maintenance and regulations surrounding historical homes.
  8. Decoist: Want design inspiration from all over the world? Decoist is the blog for you. Whether you’re searching for style from the center of an urban city or another country, you’ll find it here.
  9. Balancing Home: Speaking as someone who struggles to find matching socks, I appreciate the level of organization that is on the Balancing Home. If you’re looking to add a little organization to your home (or life, like me) then you’ll find tons of ideas and projects here!
  10. Curbly: Where do I start with Curbly? Oh, how about the fact that they have an entire section devoted to IKEA hacks. As an IKEA devotee (hey – I’m on a budget, okay?) they definitely could use an *upgrade* – you’ll find all the inspiration you need on Curbly.
  11. Centsational Girl: Centsational is another blog that spoke to my broke-girl heart. There are several projects and ideas, and Kate does a great job of staying up on the latest interior design trends. The result? DIY projects that are affordable, doable and also beautiful.
  12. Ana White: If you are in the middle of renovating, you’ll be cursing the fact that you didn’t find Ana’s blog beforehand. She provides free project plans that are sorted by cost, skill, style, room, and the end product. (Check mic 2-1-2 that was 1,000 free project plans)
  13. Sawdust Girl: I hesitate in saying that Sawdust Girl is a good blog. That’s because I think it’s a GREAT blog and movement to motivate women to DIY that Sandra has developed over many years. You can also have Sandra mentor you through your own DIY project so you don’t have to go it alone.
  14. Decor Chick: I love a good DIY project, and that’s exactly what you can find at DecorChick. Emily allows you to get a glimpse inside her home and also ideas for party prep/themes, crafts for kids, seasonal decor for your home, and so much more.
  15. DIY Network: If DIY Network doesn’t have the tutorial, you’re going to be in rough shape. They are obviously a shoe-in for this list because of the depth and breadth of their tutorials, which are especially helpful for those who are new to DIY-ing. Make sure to check out their live TC and archived episodes for step-by-step tutorials!
  16. The Jungalow: Justina is the visionary behind the Jungalow. The fabrics and styles she uses make her blog among my favorite, especially when I am lacking in inspiration. Go bold or go home, amirite?
  17. Apartment Therapy: Another blog that has touch points on almost every aspect of home improvement is Apartment Therapy. It’s heavy with visuals, which is great if you are looking for inspiration. It also gives you the store and price information you need if you want to recreate that particular look.
  18. Design Improvised: Haley does a great job detailing small crafts that have the potential to keep you and your kids occupied for weeks. Depending on the occasion, you can find crafts for almost any party, holiday, or decor theme.
  19. RISMedia: Alright, so maybe I’m biased since I contribute to RISMedia, but they do a great job of producing helpful real estate and home improvement news for homeowners. As a first-time home buyer, this is a website you should check out a few months before you start the pre-approval process.
  20. The Happier Homemaker: Want simple tips to make your home a brighter, more organized place? Well hop on over to The Happier Homemaker. Melissa has everything from easy and delicious recipes to tips on how you can start your own blog.
  21. Do It Yourself: If it’s inside or outside of your home, DoItYourself probably has a tutorial or tips on how to improve it. One of my favorite sections is “Green Home & Green Living” which has tons of tips and information about ways to reduce energy usage, green energy, and more!
  22. Shanty 2 Chic: In a tale that would *never* happen in my home, Whitney and Ashley are two sisters who have joined forces to blog about their adventures in decorating and building. There are free plans a plenty here, along with videos that you can watch and DIY along to!
  23. Design Sponge: Design Sponge carves out the chic interior design corner of the web nicely for itself. With pretty print ideas and elegant artwork featured alongside lifestyle advice, it is the classic style guru’s go-to resource.
  24. Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body: One of my biggest inspirations is Tasha, who was as the blog’s name implies, once an active lawyer. Her blog details budget-friendly home renovation and do-it-yourself projects. She has recently turned her blog into her full-time job.
  25. The Inspired Room: Looking for some inspiration? Make sure to check out Melissa’s blog for themed room ideas. She gives you a glimpse into her own home and documents where she gets items on her online shop, so the rug you spot is only a click away!
  26. Pretty Handy Girl: There are so many unique project ideas on Pretty Handy Girl that your brain just might bust. One of my favorite tutorials is the”Vintage Map Lampshade.” There are several DIY contributors as well, so you’ll find ideas from Brittany and other bloggers from the DIY circle!
  27. Remodelista: Remodelista is a group of women who are on the lookout for the latest products and trends to help make your remodeling project easier. By default of the women empowerment factor, it’s one of my favorite home improvement blogs. They also offer help if you’re still searching for a business to complete your remodeling project. If you like to mix high and low priced products, make sure to check it out.
  28. Inhabitat: So, Inhabitat isn’t *exactly* home improvement, but it does couple environmental news with gardening tips, architectural inspiration, and design trends, so that’s what I’m going to ride on. Visit the site to learn more about how to “green” your life.
  29. Kitchn: My pantry/kitchen organizational skills are at the “Shove-it-in-there-and-hope-I-don’t-forget-about-it” level. Kitchn provides practical ideas for organization that even I could undertake.
  30. Vintage Revivals: If small-time projects aren’t for you, you’ll find a kindred spirit in Mandi. She’s a go-big-or-wait-you’re-already-home kind of lady. She has tons of projects available for you to get inspiration. Plus, you’re guaranteed to be her bestie (there’s a flowchart and everything).
  31. Architectural Digest: The latest building trends and innovative home technology are just some of what you’ll find on Architectural Digest. If you want to check out the style of your favorite celeb, make sure to check out their “Celebrity Style” section.
  32. Real Simple: The “Home” section of Real Simple is a great source for finding amazing visuals and tips for your next home improvement project – whether it be organizing, upcycling, or going “green”, you’ll find it here!
  33. Housekaboodle: As a tiny house aspirer (is that a word…? I’m making it a word), I love Sue’s section of House Kaboodle that’s devoted to tiny homes. You can check out the different styles if you’re interested in them, and also see some that might be for sale!
  34. Retro Renovation: Feel like an old soul? Retro Renovation should probably be your only stop on the wide, wide interwebs. Here you’ll find DIY ideas and inspiration on how to recreate your favorite home decor pieces from the shag rug era (50’s-70’s ish).
  35. Infarrantly Creative: As the designated plant-killer in my family, I admire Becky’s ability to not only successfully grow succulents, but to also create containers for them to grow in. She’s a master upcycler, you have to check out some of the DIY’s she has on here!
  36. Home Dsgn: Home DSGN is your interior design center. Check out different styles including Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century and more, in their Interior Design section. If you’re into non-traditional homes, make sure to check out the “Houses” section, which features swoon-worthy homes in water towers, treehouses, and more.
  37. Freshome: Freshome gives you the latest news on design and architecture. If you’re interested in learning about how you can automate your home, visit their “Appliances and Technology” sub-section. Home improvement blogs are notorious for focusing on traditional ways to improve your home, so this is a refreshing change-up, especially if you’re tech-savvy! (Looking at every engineer with a workshop)
  38. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes: Victoria and her husband Paul bought a Victorian-era home with the intention of returning it to its former glory. You can follow their project room-by-room under the “House Projects” section. Also make sure to check out the “Craigslist” section for their upcycling projects!
  39. Decor8: Decor8 provides tons of interior decor ideas that you can easily apply to your house. While it got its start in 2006, Holly and her team are one of the original home improvement blogs delivering style advice, and have developed quite the readership. Check out her blog for the latest design releases and new inspiration!
  40. The Money Pit: Homes can be expensive to repair and maintain. The Money Pit helps you navigate the world of DIY-ing which will help you cut down on the costs. If you still tune into the radio, make sure to check out Tom and Leslie to get your home questions answered!
  41. Home Repair Tutor: Home Repair Tutor is Jeff Patterson’s website that does what you’d think it does. He goes through multiple projects and breaks down how you can do it, step-by-step. He also offers courses on the more difficult and time-intensive projects that can’t just be covered in a blog post. Check them out if you want detailed instruction for your next DIY project!
  42. Wood Magazine: As an aspiring woodworker, Wood Magazine is the place where you can find a plan to build almost anything your little heart desires. For the beginner, you can find plenty of helpful tool reviews. That way you can buy quality equipment the first time around.
  43. Home Jelly: HomeJelly is the homeowner’s source to simple how-to’s around the home. If you’re lacking in inspiration or ideas for something you picked up to upcycle, I’d recommend checking out their Before & After section. You’ll find a large amount of projects that provide a lot of great ideas.
  44. Jon Peters Art & Home: If I had a woodworking icon to look up to, it would probably be Ron Swanson. But he’s fictional, so in real-life I’d choose Jon Peters. He provides tons of woodworking tutorials and also covers how to present art around your home; which is great for people like me, who can barely use a level without a cup of coffee.
  45. Erin Spain: One of my favorite projects I’ve seen so far is Erin’s ‘Mom Cave’. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even have kids and some days I feel like I could use a ‘Mom Cave’ to help me unwind from a long day. The projects she covers in her home are highly visual, and awesome to browse through if you are in need of inspiration!
  46. House Beautiful: House Beautiful is a blend of lifestyle and home improvement advice for the traditional-modern home owner. You’ll find occasional design interviews and ways to incorporate the Pantone color of the year into your home. As one of the more traditional home improvement blogs, this is a standard look at contemporary style that will keep your home stylish for years to come.
  47. Homey Improvements: Homey Improvements is run by home-improvement power couple, Alicia and James. James covers the more technical building aspects of home improvement, and Alicia covers topics like interior design and gardening. Head on over to get great home improvement advice from them both!
  48. Decor Adventures: Searching for small ways to add value to your home?  Stop on over to Jessica’s blog to check out her DIY projects. She provides a lot of simple ways to spruce up your home to increase your home’s a. organization and b. beauty.
  49. Young House Love: John & Sherry have the whole works going for them after renovating multiple houses and documenting the process on Young House Love. Get inspiration from their own projects under the category called ‘House Tour’. And make sure to check out user-submitted projects under ‘House Crashing’!
  50. A Beautiful Mess: Run by two sisters, Elsie and Emma, A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog dedicated to easy and simple home decor DIY’s. There are a variety of projects that make your home a little more lovely. Live your best life and learn how to make your own candles, build a nail polish shelf, and more!

Now that you’ve got some weekend warrior home improvement inspiration, go out there and ~be one~ with your tool belt.


Have any other favorite home improvement blogs? Let me know in the comments!

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