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As you start furnishing your own home, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion — furniture is expensive! You can’t even buy a futon at Walmart for less than $100, and let’s be honest, no wants a futon after college.

So what options are you left with? DIY furniture can either look amazing or look like you picked it up from the junkyard. To help you avoid the latter fate, I’ve pulled together some amazing DIY pallet furniture ideas, check them out below.


Bookshelves add a bit of sophistication to your home décor, but to get a bookshelf that doesn’t come in a flatpack or isn’t made of particle board, you’re going to pay through the nose. Why spend all that money when a single pallet has all the wood you need to build a snazzy bookshelf for your home?

You’re going to want to disassemble a wooden pallet neatly. It may need cleaning and sanding to get rid of rough edges, depending on the age of the pallet. The thinner long boards make up most of the shelf’s design, and you’ll use the cross-braces to stabilize the freestanding shelf once you’re done building it. Since pallets are made of unfinished wood, you can leave it alone for a rustic look, or stain and polish it to match your décor.

cutting wood pallet


Benches are a great addition to any home. They give your guests somewhere to sit, whether indoors or out. Though they tend to inevitably hold anything else that doesn’t fit on your countertop or table. This super-simple little bench only takes a single pallet and a couple of 2 x 4s for the legs. Cut the pallet in two, with a slightly smaller piece for the back, and a larger one for the seat. Screw these two pieces together — a couple of side supports can make the bench a little more stable, but they’re optional.

Finally, cut your 2 x 4 into four equal pieces based on the desired height of your bench, and screw them in place. Voila, you’ve got a snazzy little bench you can paint, stain or leave raw, depending on your decorating tastes.

Tool Storage

Are you tired of tripping over your rakes, shovels or other long-handled tools that are strewn all over your garage? This project is probably the easiest pallet DIY you will ever do. Just stand a pallet on its end and screw it into the side of your garage wall. Now you’ve got handy storage for long-handled tools without breaking the bank or even really having to put much effort into it!

This trick of standing a pallet on end can also help you make vertical gardens, or a host of other easy DIYs that will leave you the envy of your friends and neighbors.


Bed frames all tend to look the same, unless you spring for a fancy canopy bed or one with a ton of under-the-bed storage. Why not get the best of both worlds — a unique frame made from reclaimed pallets that has plenty of space for storage boxes beneath it, also made from pallets!

You can break the pallets down and use them to make a custom bed of your own design. Or, you can lay few pallets out down on your floor and put your mattress down on top of them. You can even use pallets to make a hanging bed, as long as you’ve got something secure to hang it with.

stained wood pallet

Accent Wall

Pallets are just raw wood, so if you can get enough of them together, you can make nearly anything. One popular DIY is to use reclaimed pallets to make an accent wall in a room. The thin pieces that make up the bulk of the pallet are ideal for this project (instead of the cross-pieces). Gather up a bunch of pallets and start attaching the wood — stained or not — to the wall. Some people prefer to use the raw pallet wood, but that’s entirely up to you.

Once the wood panels are in place, simply sand until smooth, and you’ve got an awesome accent wall.

Fold-Up Desk

If you need a desk in your home, but don’t have enough floor space to install one, this pallet DIY might be the best option for you. It pairs a pallet, a sheet of plywood, a piano hinge, a window sash and some paint or stain into a fold-up desk that attaches to your wall.

You don’t even have to take the pallet apart. Just screw the top — the side with a lot of boards —into the wall. The bottom of the pallet becomes the basis for your desk. Cut your sheet of plywood to fit between the two bottom boards on the pallet. Then, attach it using the piano hinge. Add cables to keep your desktop stable while you’re working, and a window sash to keep the desktop up and out of the way whenever you aren’t using it.

That’s all there is to it, other than sanding and either staining or painting if you want to.

Pallets are among the most versatile sources of reclaimed wood. You can use them whole or take them apart, and still end up with an amazing DIY pallet idea. What project will you try?

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DIY Pallet Ideas
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