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Glitter Grout & How You Can Do It

March 10, 2017 , In: Home Improvement, Indoors , With: One Comment

Glitter grout is all over social media. There are dozens of Facebook and Pinterest pages devoted to it. DIY websites and fashion magazines tweet about it. It’s an international sensation! Your home can be part of this sensation — without breaking the budget or your back.

So how can you add glitter grout to your life? Check out the tips and suggestions to make your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area sparkle.          

Why You Should Consider Using Glitter Grout

If you’re surprised about this trend, take a look at what it can do. It’s inventive, original and pretty. As a method for marrying form and function, it’s perfect.

How your tile looks can determine if your kitchen, bathroom or any other tiled-space looks dated or dingy. The shimmer of glitter grout will make your tile stand out and liven up your home.

grout tile

How to Get It

You can buy glitter grout pre-mixed. Some home improvement stores in the U.S. carry these products, but the color palette is usually limited to metallic tones. You can also order it online, nationally and internationally. The international sites tend to offer more color options.

But if you really want to customize your hue, you can do it yourself. Here is a short guide.

Buy a colored grout kit from your local home improvement store. Then, get glitter from your local crafts store or a glitter additive online. The glitter can be gold, silver or the same color as your grout. Normally, you would mix the epoxy and then mix in the colored powder. Instead, you will mix in the glitter with the colored grout powder, then mix it into the epoxy. Choose how much sparkle you want by how much glitter you add.

The important thing to remember is to use the same ratio of colored powder to epoxy. So, make sure the total amount of glitter and colored powder you use is the same as if you used the powder alone. With this in mind, it’s pretty fail-safe, and anyone can do — even people who aren’t super crafty.

How to Use It

There are so many ways to use glitter grout. It looks wonderful with glass, ceramic, pebble, concrete, stone or any other type of tile. It can be a really inexpensive way to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. You can use it for your kitchen backsplash and your tub surround. Instead of replacing your old tiles, just strip away the old grout and add the shine!

Feel your kitchen or bathroom is too small or too dark? Add new glitter grout to brighten the space and make it appear larger.

Of course, if you’re doing a total kitchen or bathroom remodel, consider using glitter as a way to always make your space glow. Go with conventional grouting and use hues that complement the tile, or go wild and use grout that is a contrast in color.

Another idea is to use glitter grout to dress-up old cracked tiles by applying it to fill the cracks. Use it to fill all kinds of cracks, even those on your concrete garage floor or walkway. You can use it to grout tiled floors, both indoors and outdoors. It’s a cool way to add sparkle to a concrete patio.

You can even create mosaics and other decorations using the shimmering epoxy. If you are a crafty DIYer, you can do everything from creating mosaic stair risers to dressing-up the interior of plain lamp shades to making art pieces for your home.

The shimmery grout craze continues to spread. Keep this idea in mind during spring cleaning — it’s a great way to add life to older fixtures and grouting. Add trend-setting style to your home by making glitter grout a part of your decor.


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Glitter Grout & How You Can Do It
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Glitter Grout & How You Can Do It
Glitter grout is a sparkly trend that is all over social media. Learn how your home can be part of this sensation — without breaking the budget.
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Your Wild Home
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    • Deborah Shulman
    • December 28, 2018

    There are many reviews about glitter grout. Some people have great success and others fail. Do you know why? I purchased an additive on Amazon. There are both terrible reviews and rave reviews. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Any advise/

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