Flooring Choices for Pet Owners

Flooring Choices for Pet Owners

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You love your animals dearly and are happy to make compromises with your lifestyle to accommodate them. However, with all the available choices on the market today to bridge that gap between you-friendly and pet-friendly, if you do some homework, you shouldn’t need to have to compromise too much to have the life you want to lead while taking care of your pet.

The solutions for both pet and human comfort are vast, especially in the world of interior décor. Of course, animals are not always potty-trained, and you need to consider certain practicalities. However, you might agree these small sacrifices are worth it, and it certainly beats having another human in the house, instead!

As you will most likely be aware, four things tend to predict how easy your life will be during the relationship between your furnishings and your animals.

  • Is it scratch-resistant?
  • Does it resist wear and tear?
  • Does it allow suitable traction for pets?
  • Is it comfortable for pets?

When redecorating your home floors, you will need to consider four characteristics of each flooring option. You’ll also need to cross-reference the highest-ranking material with price. Well, as it happens, that’s exactly what we’ve done for you, so take a look at our best and worst flooring choices for pet owners!

  1. Hardwood $$$

Yes, it’s fashionable, and it can be stunningly beautiful, but hardwood will never win at pet-friendly flooring options. This fact is often a surprise to most pet owners. A misconception exists that simply because a floor is hard, it makes for pet nirvana.

While easy to vacuum and sweep, hardwood is particularly vulnerable to water damage, and it scratches easily. If something goes wrong, your pet splashes outside of its water bowl, for example, you’d better be launching into an Olympic-gold-medal-worthy dive to clean it up before it stains. And it will stain.

Even worse, if kittens Jasmine and Prince shoot wide of their tray, the salt crystals in their urine will most likely bring about some serious odor, and this time, there’s no getting rid of that stain, no matter how quick and fit you are. Considering the expense of hardwood, too, hardwood ranks last.

  1. Laminate $

Many people mistake laminate as hardwood. However, it is, in fact, made from a core board which is then covered by a scratch- and water-resistant melamine wear layer.

“Water-resistant” may be slightly optimistic, as technically, laminate is not waterproof. That means you should avoid standing water at all costs, and a bronze-medal dive should suffice in the instance your pet friend decides to evacuate in the wrong spot.

Secondly, laminate won’t do much to encourage your pets to feel sturdy on their feet. It can be quite a slippery surface, making traction near zero for poor Humphrey.

carpet flooring

  1. Carpet $-$$

In contrast to the harshness of hardwood and laminate on our pets’ paws, carpet offers well-needed padding and, of course, traction for both cats and dogs.

But, carpet will wear down quicker in high-traffic areas and will most likely succumb to pet stains. While there are stain-resistant options on the market, these will come at an extra expense, and choosing one that is true to its name may require some trial and error.

Carpets are certainly on the lower end of the budget, but replacing them brings its own inconveniences. Better read on for some more ideas.

  1. Bamboo $$

Interestingly enough, bamboo is the best-suited option out of all the wooden varieties for pet-friendly home life. It is fantastically durable — and that includes scratch- and stain-resistance — and if you prefer the sustainable route, bamboo is conducive to green living.

If you can’t choose between hardwood or other variations, try bamboo. It handles high traffic, it’s eco-friendly, it puts up with all manner of wear and tear, and depending on the brand, you could get it at a bargain.

  1. Vinyl $-$$

This isn’t necessarily the hardest competition on account of vinyl’s affordability, durability, comfort and versatility.

Scratch and stain-resistant, vinyl is easy to maintain, is conducive to a low-allergy environment and is extremely quiet. Your pet will also trot along with confidence, given the slip-proof possibilities of vinyl. While it can dull easily, invest in luxury vinyl, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Truthfully, if there’s any compromise when it comes to your pets, the sacrifice should be on your part. So while vinyl offers a perfect meeting of all minds, carpet would be the next best option for protecting your pet’s comfort.

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Flooring Choices for Pet Owners
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Flooring Choices for Pet Owners
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