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The Efficient Home Gym Approach

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Hey all! As an avid exercise-avoider, I know that the New Year is a time that many start up new health routines. When Josh Anderson offered to write a post on how to create an at-home gym routine, I knew it would be perfect for this time of year. Enjoy!

“Oops, my playlist didn’t sync – no workout for me!”
“With my hectic schedule, there’s no way I can make it to the gym!”
“Did I put deodorant on? Hmmm, better skip the gym!”

Have you ever used an excuse like this to skip a workout? Heck, these aren’t even the bad excuses we use in order to skip the gym. I get it; it’s hard to constantly make the time to drive to the gym. Hard to find the energy. It’s hard to stay motivated once you get there. Why don’t we set ourselves up for success instead of failure by working out at home?

Apart from obviously saving money on a gym membership, working out at home can be ideal because it saves you time and can be just as effective. All of this for a very small initial start-up cost – if any. I’ll break it down for you!

Your Home Gymdumbbell

For less than $35 you can create a simple, effective gym with minimal equipment. The best part of this setup is that you can literally store your entire home gym almost anywhere. From your closet to a corner of the room behind your awesome Ficus tree, your gym will be out of sight and out of mind! Got a gift card from the holidays to sporting goods store? Stop by and pick up:

Exercise/Yoga Mat ($15) – This isn’t a must but for the price, the comfort, and the motivational boost they provide it’s definitely worth it. Just seeing your exercise mat in the corner of the room is a good reminder to exercise. Are you really pinched for cash? Grab a beach towel and use that instead.

5 lb Dumbbells ($15-16 total) – Think you need heavier weights? Not so fast! Dumbbells in the 5-8 lb range are great because they are cheap and when you concentrate on form, can give you an awesome workout! Are you really pinched for cash? Grab some canned food (make sure they are the same weight) and use those instead.

Workout Setup

I’m calling BS! I can’t get a great workout with only 5lb dumbbells!

In reality, you can! Pick 8 exercises that in total work your entire body and perform them in order for 3 sets. We are going to perform them in AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) fashion of 30 seconds each.  You will basically perform each exercise for 30 seconds (concentrating on your form) and then immediately go to the next exercise with no rest between sets.

The point of this high-intensity workout is to not only make sure it’s quick and efficient but to also elevate your heart rate to help you burn calories. Plus, if you pushed yourself hard enough your metabolism will stay ramped up after the workout is over – this is called the Afterburn or EPOC effect which you can read extensively about here. Here’s an example workout:

  • Decline Pushup
  • Weighted Lunges
  • Hammer Curl
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Squats with Shoulder Press
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • Wall Sits
  • Burpees

Give this workout a try and then let us know below know if it’s changed your mind! [Note: As with any exercise program, make sure you are cleared by your doctor before beginning.]  


We all have those days where going to the gym just doesn’t happen; that’s the reality of our busy lifestyles! Don’t skip exercise altogether just because you can’t make it to the gym. Have a simple home gym on standby that you can turn to when life gets too busy. Stay active and healthy at home!


Author Bio

Josh Anderson (M.S., Personal Trainer) is the founder and editor of DIY Active: “Fit.Food.Life. No Gym Required.” He enjoys blending the latest science with fitness practices to help you exercise smarter. He enjoys providing as much free content as possible to help you get fitness results at home!





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The Efficient Home Gym Approach
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The Efficient Home Gym Approach
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