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5 DIY Tips for Your Summer Lake House or Cabin

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Summer is obviously the ideal time to enjoy your lake house or cabin. Summer is also an ideal time to put a little bit of work into your property.

Don’t be alarmed, though: a few small DIY projects can have the whole place feeling new. It doesn’t require a whole lot of time investment, either. In fact, the following five DIY tips will be easy fixes that can make a big difference when it comes to your vacation home.

So, what are you waiting for? Put in a bit of work now, and then, well, don’t work at all — welcome to your vacation!

Build a Tree Bench

Whether you’ve got a lake house or a cabin, it’s probably surrounded by nature and, therefore, a ton of trees. Many of these trees probably deserve a bit of love and attention for being so beautiful, too.

You only need a weekend to accentuate your favorite one with its very own bench. The bench won’t simply sit at the base of the tree — instead, it will wrap all the way around the trunk and make a focal point out of your foliage. And, if you choose the right long-lasting materials, it could be a seat that you sit on for years and years to come.


Spruce Up the Kitchen

It’s your vacation home, so you don’t want to put a huge investment into the look of its kitchen. However, you do want it to look good. All you need is a weekend, a few fresh cans of paint and new hardware.

Brush new paint onto the walls and onto the cabinets. And, once it’s all dry, affix new hardware onto the cabinets and drawers to make the whole thing look complete. You can make your life easier by choosing pulls or handles that don’t require drilling into your pre-existing cabinetry.

On another weekend, you might add a backsplash, new floors or updated faucets to make everything even spiffier.

Rock Out the Door

Even a home that’s tucked away in the wilderness needs some curb appeal, and you won’t believe the impact that a front door has on your home.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the DIY projects that can brighten up your front door. A new slick of paint, a kick plate, doormat, new house numbers, potted plants, and more. Your front door will be the center of attention with the right combination of accessories. Even a log cabin’s rustic façade can be improved by a new front door that plays up your home’s rustic-ness. As a bonus, a new door will do a better job of keeping out the creepy crawlies that live in the woods or near lakes. And that more than justifies the investment!

hanging light fixture

Keep the Earth in Mind

If you have a vacation home in the middle of nature, you should do your part to conserve nature, right?! That’s why one of your DIY goals this summer should be to make something in your lake house or cabin more efficient. If you have an updated log cabin, it’s probably pretty green already, but what else can you do?

There’s plenty to do when it comes to making your home or cabin more eco-friendly. So many of the typical projects can be done in an afternoon or an hour, making them quick fixes. For example, you could swap out your vacation home’s traditional light bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs, which save up to 66 percent more energy.

You could also lay rugs on wooden floors to conserve heat, fix a leaky faucet or buy a few houseplants to naturally purify the air.

Find Room for Blooms

Finally, both lake houses and cabins can do with a bit of landscaping. Of course, you built your house out in the middle of nowhere because you can appreciate the natural surroundings. It’s also true that a bit of manicured, thoughtful landscaping can make the whole property look a whole lot more inviting. 

Some log cabin owners prefer to go with mass plantings instead of planned English-style gardens since their abodes are designed to blend into nature. It’s all up to your preference, though — whether you’d like to till up your own flowerbeds or you’d prefer to toss some wildflower seeds and see what happens.

The above tips best reflect the most important point of all when it comes to DIY-ing: you need to do what speaks to you and your style. You might be an inside-the-box-type person, or you may prefer to let your garden grow like wildflowers. Whatever the case may be, the end result should make you happy — and, if it does, you’ll be happy you spent that one summer weekend DIY-ing. Instead of, well, whatever you like to do on vacation.


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5 DIY Tips for Your Summer Lake House or Cabin
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5 DIY Tips for Your Summer Lake House or Cabin
Summer is a great time to enjoy your lake house or cabin. It's also a popular time for regular repairs and upgrades. Click here for 5 helpful tips!
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