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Crown Molding Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

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Crown molding is popular for a reason. It’s a way to transform a room. For living rooms that need a more formal look, crown molding can do the trick. For bedrooms that need harmony between disparate elements, crown molding matched to a baseboard will pull the room together. Kitchens can be made to look airy. Windows can become a focal point.

The expense of crown molding depends on methods and materials. It’s possible to do it yourself, depending on your comfort with DIY projects. Peel and stick crown moldings come in many attractive shapes and sizes. Remember that cutting crown molding corners can be a chore, and they need to be precise to really make a difference in a room.

When it comes to materials, typical crown molding is wood such as cherry, alder or mahogany. To cut down on material costs, some homeowners use synthetic materials like fiberboard, plaster or polyurethane.
Ok, ready for some ideas? Here are 15.

1. Upgrade existing trim to harmonize with your home’s accents.

If your home has Colonial Revival, Greek Revival or Federal accents on the exterior or a mantel, harmonize with them by upgrading existing trim in the living room with crown molding that follows these styles. It will make the statement bolder, but tie the living room in with the remainder of the house.

2. Enlarge a room with white moldings.

If your living room is painted a dark russet or loden green, it can be lightened and brightened with white crown molding. Remember, crown molding should be matched to baseboards for elegance and design aesthetics.

3. Create a monochromatic, peaceful space.

If you have an office getaway or den that looks lackluster in beige, create harmony with a monochromatic color scheme enlivened by moving further into white and wood. The walls can be painted heavy cream, with cherry wood crown molding and baseboards to match. White sofas and ivory throw pillows will complete the room.

4. Finish a kitchen with molding around the cabinets.

If you have wood kitchen cabinets, finish them by putting crown molding around the top. This will be especially nice with a fashionable navy blue kitchen and silver appliances. The combination of materials and color will make the room pop.

5. Enliven rooms with patterns.

One of the nicest ways to enliven living rooms is to add patterned crown moldings. Either the ogee (S-shape) and ovolo (convex) curves draw the eye and give a finished, elegant feel to a room.

6. Freshen up an original built-in.

If your kitchen has built-in cabinets, crown molding in a contrasting color can help the refurbished built-in become a focal point. Try stripping the cabinets to their original state and adding a bright, contrasting molding color.

7. Finish a drab bedroom.

Just like in the kitchen, crown molding can help make your bedroom stand out. At times, plain walls that meet plain ceilings make a room vanish, especially when there is no design focal point. Adding patterned crown molding can make the room look complete.

8. Add a clean look.

For white walls in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a stained plaster or polyurethane molding can add a clean, pulled-together look, especially if you choose complementing wood baskets or grocery list chalkboards framed in wood.

9. Create focus for a skylight.

Skylights are increasingly being built in kitchens, entryways and stairwell ceilings. Crown molding supplemented with the right surrounding wall or cabinet colors can make a square of wood or color that effectively frames the burst of light created by the skylight.

10. Harmonize with a fireplace mantel.

If your fireplace mantel is a centerpiece of the living room, pick up its design with crown molding that enhances the living room and makes the fireplace even more of a draw for the eye.

11. Freshen up a laundry room.

Laundry rooms are often utilitarian and overlooked in terms of design. But they can be transformed into attractive and cheery places with the help of bright paint, large windows and crown molding that makes a virtue of plain finish.

12. Emphasize the retro look.

Retro bathrooms combined with innovative features like air jet bathtubs are increasingly popular. Crown moldings can blend well with the retro black and white of linoleum, while providing a daringly abstract feel for 21st century appliances.

13. Make rooms with small windows seem larger.

If your bedroom or office has relatively small windows, plain white molding will do a lot to make the room look larger. Paint the walls a light color and accessorize with bright mirrors.

14. Match window casings.

If your window casings are wood, adding matching moldings will bring congruity to the room. Be sure to choose paint and accessories that recede, letting the natural, sustainable quality of wood shine.

15. Tie together a hallway.

Hallways are all too often treated as throw-away space, leading from room to room with no special features. Crown molding can tie together the décor of hallway, bathrooms and bedrooms in an unobtrusive but distinctive way.

Crown molding can be useful for many occasions, from creating a finished look to providing a focal point. No matter your use for it, be sure to consider whether you will install the molding yourself or hire a contractor. Enjoy thinking through the endless possibilities you have when adding crown molding to your home!

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Crown Molding Design Ideas to Transform Your Home
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