10 Creative Holiday Decorating Ideas With Plants

10 Creative Holiday Decorating Ideas With Plants

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The holidays are a time for gift-giving, visiting with family and friends and eating plenty of delicious treats that only come around once a year. One thing we don’t usually associate with the holidays, though, is plants. After all, it’s December, and we all spend our time hoping for a white Christmas, not a green one.

Still, just because the holiday season falls during the winter doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some plant life into your holiday décor. And that’s just what we’re going to teach you to do. So put away your sparkly tinfoil decorations and make room for some of these creative holiday decorating ideas!

  • Spruce up Your Front Porch

Your front porch is usually the part of your house most easily visible from the road. So why not dress it up for the holidays, as well? Add an evergreen wreath to your front door. If you’re lucky enough to have any pretty support columns or posts on your front porch, twine some fresh green garlands around them.

evergreen decorations

  • Make Some Pots of Evergreens

Evergreen branches and needles have plenty of decorating uses beyond just making wreaths and garlands. Cluster some pots on your front porch or steps and fill them with pine branches and pinecones. For a finishing touch and a pop of color, add a few decorative bulbs in red, blue or silver.

  • Craft a Master Centerpiece

Nothing brightens up a holiday table like a centerpiece so big and beautiful that there’s barely any room left for the food. You can make this out of anything you want, but it’s easiest to use some of your greenery leftovers from making wreaths and garlands. Spice it up by adding some red berries, pinecones and ribbon. Candles will really make your centerpiece a standout, but be careful to keep any open flames out of the reach of greenery.

  • Wrap the Banister

If your home has a staircase with an elegant banister, you have a fantastic decorating opportunity right under your nose. Use your greenery to wrap garlands down the length of the banister. If you want a little extra flair, add a ribbon or bow into the mix.

  • Accent an End Table With a Christmas Cactus

Not only are Christmas cacti something of a holiday staple, but they also have the added benefit of not requiring much care. These fun and unique plants bloom sometime around the holiday season, and their colorful blossoms make a gorgeous addition to any décor. They make festive accents on side or end tables, as well as other places like windowsills and the tops of bookshelves.

pointsetta holiday

  • Don’t Forget the Poinsettia

If you’re like me, poinsettias aren’t something you actively seek out. Whether it’s through some community or public event, or from the well-meaning hands of a relative or friend, I always seem to acquire a poinsettia every year around the holiday season. Place this colorful little plant in an out-of-the-way place, and let it light up the room with its cheer.

  • Create a Burst of Color With an Orchid

Orchids are one of those magical plants whose blossoms will outlast many other plants, and they can even bloom all winter long. They also don’t require much maintenance, which is an enormous bonus. Try placing an orchid in a clear pedestal vase, and fill the vase with tiny holiday bulbs and ornaments. This beautiful and unique holiday decoration will have all your friends complimenting your impeccable decorating taste.

  • Be Adventurous and Try Some Indoor Bulbs

“But wait,” you might ask. “Aren’t bulbs only for the spring?” Not anymore, they’re not. Try planting bulbs like paperwhites or tulips in an indoor planter. Halfway bury the bulbs in soil, water them and wait for a few weeks. Soon, they’ll grow into a beautiful indoor decoration that’ll keep you smiling through the holiday season. Spice up your bulbs by covering the soil in some elegant Spanish moss and maybe a few Christmas ornaments, or even some tiny apples.

  • Grow a Pot of Cyclamen

Like most plants, these beautiful, brightly colored blooms grow well both indoors and out. Their eye-popping colors, long-lasting blooms and unusual leaves make them particularly well-suited for the holidays. The muted green of their foliage makes them look less like a summer plant that doesn’t belong next to the winter decorations, and more like a cold-weather plant in its own right.

mistletoe plant holidays

  • And of Course, Add Some Mistletoe

We would be remiss to write a guide on holiday decorating with plants and somehow leave out the queen of all holiday plants. Add a sprig of this pretty little plant someplace around your house, such as on the mantelpiece or above a doorway. Not only does mistletoe provide an excuse for sneaking in a few romantic moments, but it also looks beautiful and works as a perfect finishing touch to all your other holiday décor.

Get Busy Decorating

Now that you’ve learned these tips, it’s time to get out there and start decorating your home for the holidays. Did we miss some amazing ideas? Let us know how you like to decorate with plants for the holidays.

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10 Creative Holiday Decorating Ideas With Plants
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