Buying an Automatic Faucet_ What You Should Look For

Buying an Automatic Faucet: What You Should Look For

January 30, 2018 , In: Home Improvement, Indoors , With: 2 Comments

Automatic Faucet - Autowater Outside Box

Disclaimer: I was sent this automatic faucet to review. However in lieu of a traditional review, I like to also drop some knowledge on my readers. This is especially true when fixtures like an automatic faucet can have a variety of benefits like saving water (& money!) and being more convenient. Leave you rants, raves, etc. in the comments below!

You may have run across automatic faucets in public restrooms. They’re the faucets whose water is activated by the presence of your hands, not by a faucet being turned on. They also, of course, turn off automatically, once they no longer sense the presence of hands wanting to be washed.

Have you ever thought about those automatic faucets for a home, though? You might want to. They are actually becoming an increasingly desirable feature as part of the growing ubiquity of smart homes. Smart homes are those whose appliances are networked into computer data. They are part of the growing internet of things (IoT), where appliances can share information with each other and with your smartphone or computer.

How Do Automated Water Faucets Fit In?

A big advantage of smart homes is they can save energy. A thermostat, for example, can automatically turn off the heat or air conditioning once everyone has left for work or school. It can sense when no one is around.

Automated faucets fit into this because they have sensors activated by hands or other moving parts. When they sense these parts, they activate water, and it flows. When they don’t sense these parts, no water flows.

Advantages of Automated Water Faucets

Should you replace your old water faucet with an automated one? There are several advantages in doing so:

  1. Water Conservation and Associated Cost Savings

Water is a precious resource, and in some parts of the country, drought conditions have taken over. Automatic faucets ensure water is used only when needed, helping to reduce water waste.

It’s not unheard of for people to leave their bathroom or kitchen taps on accidentally. Children especially can be absent-minded or distracted when it comes to turning the water off. At times, water left on might lead to a flood, damaging your floors and surrounding areas.

Less water waste also means lower water bills — a win, win.

  1. Fewer Germs

Your hands come into contact with germs and bacteria all day. Yes, you wash your hands to get rid of these elements — but before you wash your hands, you turn the faucet on. That makes faucets rife with germs and bacteria, too.

An automatic faucet is touchless. As a result, they’re hands-free, carrying far fewer germs and bacteria to faucets. The faucet area is healthier as a result.

  1. More Convenience

Do you think turning on a faucet is as easy as 1-2-3? It is, for most people — but not necessarily if you’re a young child, think too short to reach the faucet’s knobs, or perhaps an older person with arthritis. For both these groups, automatic faucets make life much easier.

Automatic Faucet - Autowater Box

The Autowater comes with several adapters to easily adapt the faucet you have at home.

What Kinds of Products Are There?

You have multiple choices as a homeowner. Some models are a full replacement of the existing water nozzle. These are especially helpful if you have older or leaky faucets. But it can be fairly expensive to replace every fixture in your home, especially if you consider the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Other models, like the Autowater, are simple attachments that are installed on the existing faucet. If you need an extra nudge to check it out, consider the fact that it lights up when it senses someone close. That way, overhead lights don’t have to be turned on. This feature, of course, creates even more energy savings. And you don’t stub your toe in a dark kitchen! (That’s not just me, right?)

Bottom line, there are products for every homeowner and every budget.

Given the advantages of automatic faucets and the range of products and price points, replacing an old or leaky faucet is something that should be on the top of a homeowner’s to-do list!

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Buying an Automatic Faucet: What You Should Look For
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Buying an Automatic Faucet: What You Should Look For
You may have run across automatic faucets in public restrooms. But did you know you can have them in your own home? Here's what you need to know.
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