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7 Spring Home Improvement Musts

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Winter’s fading fast. Mother Nature inspires us to revive and start anew. It’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home. Check out these spring home improvement ideas that can take your home from good, to great!

  1. Build a Deck or Spruce Up Your Current One

Everyone loves outdoor living when it gets warm. If you don’t already have a deck, get one. Use recommendations from friends and online vendor reviews to choose the best contractor to do the job. Select a standard deck you’ll find in anyone’s backyard, or build one that flows your unique style from the interior to the exterior of your home. Or, go nuts and create your fantasy Tiki Bar escape.

If you already have a deck, give it a face-lift. If it’s wood, check to see if the water repellentstill works. After a few rain-free days, pour a cup of water over the planks. If you see bubbles, you’re okay. Never added water repellent on your deck? Now is the time to brush it on – wait for a moderately clear day to attempt this spring home improvement project.

You can also add pieces to your outdoor furniture or buy brand new furniture. On a budget? Include cool elements like a tall planter filled with faux peacock feathers. Add new spring cushions offered at your local home improvement store.

  1. Update Your Landscape

If you have a green thumb, this is the time to plan a whole new look. Consult your favorite home and garden magazines and websites for ideas. Want a koi pond to increase the Zen of your surroundings? Again, seek out reliable and budget-friendly contractors.

Don’t have a green thumb, but want to snazz-up your landscape anyway? Can’t afford to hire someone? A little easy DIY can do the trick. Spread colored mulch around your trees or inside your flower beds. Wood chips, pebbles, rubber, even recycled-glass mulch now come in a variety of hues.

Want your lawn to look neater? One simple trick is to put edging around your trees, bushes and flower beds. Your landscape will look more refined when the grass doesn’t creep into those areas.

  1. Decorate or Paint With the Hottest Spring Colors

When your favorite home decorating shows and websites all gush about the top new colors for spring, do fantasize about jumping on board? Do it!

One way is to follow the trend with paint. Paint every wall in a room or choose a focal wall. Check out swatches at your local paint supply store. And don’t forget to ask what type of paint works well for how you use the space.

A tip: Paint your wall samples in a spot that you can cover up again with furniture. Or make sure you have enough of your current color on hand to paint over them if you change your mind!

Some hip colors are so bold you may fear you or your roommates will grow tired of them quickly. Or, you feel a hue’s just too much on your walls, but you still like it. When this is the case, include it in your décor. Throw pillows and table settings are just some of the pieces you can use to add new colors. And you can easily change these pieces every season.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Storm Doors

Your storm door is the first line of defense for the entrance into your home. It can takea serious beating during the winter months. Since it’s the first thing people see when they visit your home, you don’t want it looking shabby.

If the elements haven’t been too tough on it, a manageable spring home improvement project is to install new hardware yourself. You can find kits that include hinges, pins and handles at your hardware store.

If the door is beyond repair? Replace it with a combo screen and storm door. The screen helps keep your home comfortable by allowing spring breezes inside. Not running the air conditioner means savings on your electric bill. Also, screens keep pesky bugs out.

  1. Keep Your Indoor Air Cool and Fresh

Speaking of air conditioning, the first thing you should do if your home has central air is replace the filter. Do this at least every six months to keep dust mites and other nasties from polluting your indoor environment. Also, clean your vents. This prevents the spread of things like mold through the air.

Outside, have your air-conditioning unit checked each spring. And do your part to keep it free from leaves, twigs and anything else that can interfere with it.

  1. Tend the Tile

Cracked tiles around the bathtub? Chipped tiles in your kitchen backsplash? Take care of them now.

You can go the economical route and replace each individual damaged tile. If you’re tired of what you see, replace them all. Make your bath more spa-like with the tile you choose. Replace that dated stone backsplash with modern glass tiles.

  1. You Need a Strong Foundation

After the extremes of winter weather, you need to check your foundation. If you see any cracks, call in a professional. Even if “DIY” is your middle name, you don’t have access to the resources a foundation expert does. Fixing cracks now will keep your home safe for years to come.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your improved home for the rest of the season.


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7 Spring Home Improvement Musts
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7 Spring Home Improvement Musts
Winter's fading fast. Check out these spring home improvement projects that will keep you busy and help you clean up your home.
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