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6 Father-Daughter Projects for Father’s Day

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One of my favorite things to do as a child was to watch my dad as he worked diligently in his workshop on his latest project. When he took a break, he would let me come stare in wonder at a freshly sanded table or a perfectly aligned deck he built. As I got older, he slowly let me take responsibility in some of the projects around the home. It has been a great source of learning and memories for the both of us. In that spirit, I thought I’d share a few father-daughter projects that daughters and dads everywhere can complete together as we approach Father’s Day.

Need ideas? Not sure which projects will work or interest your young daughter, tween or adult children — or your husband? No matter how old your daughter is or dad’s skill level, there are plenty of projects they can complete together and bond over.

Give your husband and daughter some of the ideas below to inspire them into creating a project and adding a personal touch to your home.

Make a Cement Stepping Stone

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Project source and idea: I Watch Them Grow

Cement stepping-stones are the perfect way to preserve the relationship between a father and his daughter. The best part about this project is that it’s something dad and your daughter can easily do, too. Have your husband press his hand or foot in the cement next to your daughter’s, and have the two of them decorate the stepping-stone together.

It’s a fun and easy project that the whole family can enjoy for years to come. Stepping stone kits can be found crafts stores for about $20. They usually come with the cement mix, some mosaics and a mold.

Your daughter and husband can get as creative while decorating these — embedding shells from your family’s last beach vacation, cutting imprints of favorite animals or adding the date of your stepping-stone’s creation are some personalization ideas.

Build a Dollhouse

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Project Source and Idea: Goods Home Design

What little girl doesn’t want a dollhouse? Repurpose an old dresser and turn it into a dollhouse. Your husband gets to put his DIY skills to work in a way that won’t drive you crazy. There’s no downside to this project!

Take the drawers out, go to any local craft store, pick up some fancy paper and miniature furniture and leave the rest to your husband and your daughter.

He’ll have the chance to teach your daughter a thing or two about the basics of building — even if he just taught himself — and can spend some extra time together. He can teach her how to sand the rough edges of the dresser and show her how to cut the paper down to fit the drawers. Mom tip: Use a spray adhesive to apply the paper to the inside of the dresser because it will help the paper to go on smoothly with no bumps or bulges.

Make Photo Album or Scrapbook

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Project Source and Idea: Mary Ann Jenkins

The love a father has for his daughter is something truly special. One of the best ways to make a Father’s Day special is to go through old photos and compile them in an album. You can make your husband proud to be a father just by having your daughter show him how important he is.

Fathers are worth more than a thousand words, so use photos to show how much dad means to your family. Reminiscing and recalling old memories is sure to be a fun way to bond on Father’s Day. Sit down with your husband and daughter and go through family photos. Select which ones you’d like to print, or pull old-school film-developed photos from your old shoeboxes. Once your husband and daughter finish selecting pictures, it’s time for them to get creative.

Go the traditional route and buy a nice photo album, or start a scrapbook full of father-daughter memories. Finding stickers, scraps of paper and mementos from family adventures all can accompany these photographic memories. Scrapbooks are an easy way to get a smile out of your husband on his very special day.

Make your Own Wall Organizer

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Project Source and Idea: I Heart Organizing

What better way is there to spruce up your husband’s man cave, your daughter’s bedroom or your kitchen’s command center? Enable your daughter to get organized and have your husband help. A well-made wall organizer makes life much easier and helps keep everyone organized.

It’s a project that your daughter will appreciate, especially because she’ll get to spend some time with dad. If your husband or daughter aren’t handy, and you don’t have saws or tools on hand, a trip to your local craft store might result in a basic, pre-formed item your daughter and husband can paint, modify and personalize.

DIY Wine Bottle and Glasses Carrier

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Project Source and Idea: Home Talk

If your daughter is of age, this wine and glasses carrier is a perfect project for Father’s Day.

Carrying wine and a bunch of glasses is usually a difficult task, but this DIY project fixes that issue. No one needs to worry about breaking the glasses or dropping the bottle. Family bonding just got a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

As soon as the wine bottle and glasses carrier are finished, you can go into the backyard or on a picnic to enjoy the day with a little bit of wine and memories. Go ahead and pour your loved ones a drink. After completing this project, they deserve it!

Make a Bookshelf Door

ywh image 6

Project Source and Idea: Home Talk

It’s no secret that dads like to show-off their handiwork. If they have a talent for it, this DIY bookshelf door is definitely a great project.

Here’s your warning – this bookshelf door is a more complicated project. But, if you have the tools and a little bit of help, it could be a lot of fun. It’s also a serious space-saver, and could help you free up some other spaces around the house.
This Father’s Day, let your husband show off his handiwork and teach your daughter a thing or two — or what not to do. Either way, watching them bond over something they made together is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. With so many fun project possibilities, you might find they won’t limit themselves to just Father’s Day. If that’s the case, three cheers to you, Mom!


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6 Father-Daughter Projects for Father's Day
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