5 Holiday Decor Ideas For Fido

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Anyone who knows me; knows how unhealthily obsessed I am with dogs. And not only mine either, if we were to pass in the street and you were walking your dog, I would probably be prone to saying hi to your dog before you. Don’t take it personally, though, I’m just a girl in love. And I mean when they look like this, can you not feel your heart melting into your knees?


With that in mind, I wanted to help dog people like myself decorate their homes for their fur-child(ren). Why? The holidays are truly a magical time of year. And holiday décor for Fido is now all the rage. Many owners have ornaments, yard art and even clothes for their dogs that have a holiday theme (2 lies and 1 truth here for this crazy dog lady). So, if you’re not taking a holiday to the other side of the world this year, what can you do to add a little pet pizazz to your holiday home? Here are a few tips.  

Put Some Fire in Your Décor: Add a Pet Stocking

No fireplace mantle is complete without a display of holiday stockings for each member of the family. So how about a stocking for Fido? You can make one out of felt and material or buy a personalized pet stocking for Buster, Belle, Bruno or Bianca. While it may not be stuffed with chocolate, your little fuzzy friend will enjoy a bone or two in their new stocking.

And on to the Yard

You’ve seen the Griswolds, right? Well, think of that with a twist of Fido. There are so many yard art options that feature man’s best friend.

From a dog pulling a sled to lighted dogs with holiday swag just standing in your yard, you can really create a holiday (dog) treat for your friends and neighbors to feast their eyes on. So as you start dusting off those reindeer and putting Santa in your front yard, remember to add an homage to your best dog buddy by putting a lighted puppy (or two) outside for all to see.


Ooooo Christmas Tree

Some owners really take it to the next level and fashion personal creations that reflect a holiday doggie theme. I am a big fan of personalized holiday ornaments. In fact, every year my pup gets a special ornament with her name on it. This is a nice reminder of them and adds a special touch to your holiday tree. I mean, not that they understand, but hey, the things we’ll do for our dogs.

And if you are feeling super creative, how about an entirely dog-themed tree that features your dog’s paw throughout the tree. You remember those salt dough ornaments, don’t you? That candy cane your mom made that looks like a cookie but really tastes nasty. That is what I am talking about. And you can push your dog’s paw into the ornament and paint it with his or her name and the date. What a wonderful memento for years to come.

There are even string lights that feature dogs. And you can create garlands from puppy treats to put on your tree. There is no end to the dog-themed Christmas trees you can create.

Ugly Dog Sweater Documentation

Let’s be real, you can’t do Christmas without ugly sweaters. They’re everywhere, and your dog is not going to escape the trend this year. Make your home a hoot by greeting your holiday guests with matching dog and owner ugly holiday sweaters and make sure to document your sweaters with a photo and to set it out for friends and family to see. From gingerbread men to Frosty in the snow, these crazy dog and owner holiday sweaters are sure to be a hit this holiday season.  

A Wreath For Your Wiggly Pup

And finally, you can create a welcoming wreath that features your dog’s favorite treats. Begin with some Milk-Bone® dog biscuits or Pup-peroni® dog treats, cardboard and paint. Cut a circle in the cardboard, attach the treats and the ribbon, and presto, you have a perfect puppy wreath your dog will love to devour after the holidays.

You can really let your inner dog-mom shine this holiday season by decorating your home Fido-style. Make sure the decorations you put up are doggie safe. And have fun watching your dog delight at the wonder of Christmas time, and remember to enjoy them this Christmas, and every Christmas after.



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5 Holiday Decor Ideas For Fido
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