3 Books You Ought to Read Before You Begin a Home Improvement Project

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Getting the renovation bug is generally pretty exciting. You’re off to new adventures, ready to disrupt your life in order to have a new home – or at least a home that looks new. Before you jump in feet first, however, it’s a good idea to do some research on home improvement.

No matter what project you’re considering, there’s a book that covers the subject. Here’s the problem, though; your local bookstore (and the internet in general) can look like the picture above when it comes to book selections. Cue the “whelm” starting to creep in. So for the sake of simplicity and probably also sanity, I’ve chosen 3 books that are extremely valuable in their subject matter and content. Check these out to get started:

“Home Improvement 1-2-3” by The Home Depot

If you’re a newbie to the renovation game, this is a great starting point. Having undergone the most recent revision in 2014, this book is updated every so often in order to stay current. That’s good, since it was originally published in the ‘70s! It goes over a lot of the basics of repairs you can do around the house, including everything from fixing basic plumbing all the way to getting started in masonry. With hundreds of pictures and easy-to-follow language, this handy book can make pretty much any home project seem doable.

Buy it online at $17 for e-book or $24.99 for hardcover

“House” by Tracy Kidder

Not interested in doing the renovations on your own? There’s no fault in that, especially if you’re looking at a pretty big project. This book, however, is probably one of the best ones you could read when you’re dealing with contractors and architects. It’s the simple story of building a house, told through the eyes of the contractors who build it. Written in the ‘80s, this book still holds up to the emotional journey and art that goes into building a home.

This is a wonderfully written, in-depth look at how contractors and architects work, how they think and what, precisely, goes into building a home. There’s the added benefit of learning how the professionals might be looking at you as the homeowner. It’s a fascinating read that continues to hold up, despite the advances in technology and the time that’s passed. By the end of this story, you’re likely to want to learn carpentry yourself!

Buy it online for $9.99 e-book or $14.49 paperback

“Interiors by Design: Advice and Inspiration From the Professionals” by Ros Byam Shaw

Home improvement isn’t all repairs and knocking down walls. Sometimes it’s refurnishing, and that takes an attentive eye. This book provides excellent visuals for achieving an effortlessly classy look for your home. With more than 30 looks to choose from, the author walks you through the process. The best part is that she doesn’t simply show you how to copy the look, but actually explains the thought process behind it. That means you don’t have to copy what’s in the book, but you can actually create a look that works in your home.

Buy it online for $7

Those three books should cover almost any project you might want to do: The simple stuff, the hard stuff and the stuff you hire out. No matter what, you’ll end up being better prepared to deal with whatever comes your way.

What new projects are you planning on starting this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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3 Books You Ought to Read Before You Begin a Home Improvement Project
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3 Books You Ought to Read Before You Begin a Home Improvement Project
Getting the renovation bug is generally pretty exciting. It's a good idea to do some research beforehand. Here are 3 of the best home improvement books!
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