10 Indiegogo Projects That Are Perfect Holiday Gifts

10 Indiegogo Projects That Are Perfect Holiday Gifts

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Let’s face it. Young kids typically want the holiday toys that they see on TV or hear about from peers. Once people get older though, they’re ready for more diverse gifts. There’s also the reality that many individuals love being early adopters of items that’ll soon become the newest hits.

How can you dive into holiday shopping while keeping these particulars in mind? Head to Indiegogo. This crowdfunding site gives you access to cool gadgets that aren’t available elsewhere — at least yet. The list below offers a variety of Indiegogo projects recipients will love for years to come.

  1. The Bixi Touch-Free Gesture Controller

The gesture controller for your car could help reduce distracted driving caused by fiddling with buttons. It recognizes gestures that let people control navigation devices, stereo systems and their smartphones by making movements in midair. Cost: $79.00

  1. The Invidyo Child Monitor

Child monitoring systems have come a long way from the clunky contraptions relied upon decades ago, and the Invidyo is a strong example of that reality. It uses artificial intelligence to create a two-minute highlight clip of a child’s day. There is also built-in face recognition technology to detect family members or send alerts about unfamiliar people in a room. Cost: $179.00

  1.  The Evapolar EV-1000 evaLIGHT

Traveling often takes people out of their comfort zone, but the Evapolar EV-1000 evaLIGHT lets them create comfortable spaces wherever they go. It’s an air conditioner, humidifier and purifier that works anywhere with the USB power port and consumes only ten watts of electricity. Offer it to guests to keep them comfy during a holiday stay. Cost: $169.00

grilled food

  1. The GoBQ Grill

If a person on your gift list loves grilling in remote places or chowing down on grilled fare despite not having a backyard to cook in, check out the GoBQ grill. It’s a portable grill so streamlined made from heat and fire-resistant fabric. It’s so streamlined your recipient can store it in a drawer or pack it into the trunk of a car. Also, the product sets up in less than 30 seconds without tools and cools down seven times faster than a metal grill. Cost: $159.00

  1. The Nebia Shower System

Developed from the concept that showers are more enjoyable as a greater amount of water comes in contact with the skin, the Nebia Shower System uses atomizing technology to break liquid down into millions of droplets. As a result, water covers ten times more of the body than a traditional shower while reducing water consumption by up to 70%. Cost: $649.00

  1. The AllBe1 Personal Security Guardian

This 13-function product is ideal for a person who prefers to be extra careful. It works as a burglar alarm, audio recorder and tracking device and even monitors exposure to ultraviolet rays. The Bluetooth capability and rechargeable batteries add more convenience. Cost: $45.00

smoke alarm

  1. The Halo Smart Smoke Alarm

This gadget is a smoke detector and carbon monoxide warning system in one. It also gives optional weather alerts, which is helpful for someone living in an area prone to severe weather. Following an event that requires taking action, the device lights up and sends a notification to a compatible smartphone. Cost: $149.00

  1. The Aera Smart Home Fragrance System

A fantastic gift pick for a person who loves burning incense and candles to scent a home, the Aera is arguably an even better choice than those common fragrance distributors. Compatible with a specialty app and Amazon Alexa, the Aera system uses scent-filled capsules to scent a home on command. It can even fill large spaces with scents that last for months, according to the manufacturer. Cost: $199.00 for the device and six fragrances

  1. The Gentlewasher: Hand Wash 2.0

An unfortunate reality many people realize about their favorite clothes is the fabric isn’t suitable for machine washing. This portable washing machine has a six-and-a-half pound capacity and cleans delicate fabrics without harming them, plus it does not use electricity. Even better for individuals with typically hectic lifestyles, a cycle finishes by hand in only five minutes. Cost: $299.00

  1. The Smart Garden 3 by Click & Grow

Perhaps someone on your list is trying to develop a green thumb but doesn’t have the outdoor space necessary to achieve that goal. This indoor gardening system uses sensors to ensure the plants get enough water, nutrients and oxygen, Also, with its sleek design and high-quality materials, this gadget helps people enjoy gardening goodness without feeling embarrassed about the product looking too cumbersome on a countertop. Cost: $100

This gift guide is ideal for anyone who loves tech that makes life simpler or more synchronized. Indiegogo harnesses innovation and brings amazing items to an audience eager to support worthy and recently launched causes. By doing this, your recipients are among the first people in the world to own these items.

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10 Indiegogo Projects That Are Perfect Holiday Gifts
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