10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations to Make This Weekend

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With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is scrambling to get enough money together to buy everyone gifts and have great food for their parties. It’s easy to let the thought of decorating slip your mind, but if Thanksgiving finally arrives and you don’t have anything to make the evening festive except food, it won’t feel like much of a holiday.
This weekend, take some time to make your own Thanksgiving decorations. You don’t need to go out and buy all the expensive ones at the stores to make your home ready for the holidays. Everything will be more overpriced the closer you get to the actual holiday and you’ll have to wait in lines you know you don’t have time for.
Do things the easy way this year and just find some inspiration online, hit up the craft store and get creating!

1. Cranberry Candles

cranberry candles

Source: Flickr
Candles are really nice to have lit when people are over because you’ll have the place smelling nice and looking cozy. However, they can get pricey — so make your own cranberry candles instead! All you need is a mason jar, some cranberries and a tiny candle insert. Fill up the jar with other festive fruits to make even more options for table toppers.

2. Pumpkin Basket


Source: Public Domain Pictures
You may have some smaller pumpkins or gourds hanging around the house from Halloween. Use an old basket as a centerpiece and put your pumpkins in it. Surround the pumpkins with fake greenery or, on the day of Thanksgiving, some real leaves from outside. Pumpkins may get carved for Halloween, but they can be festive for Thanksgiving, too.

3. Thanksgiving Placemats

thanksgiving placemats

Sources: Ruby DW
How you design your Thanksgiving table is what decides if your party is a laid-back family gathering or a special event. Don’t worry about splurging on fancy napkin holders or place cards. Instead, have your kids cut out felt and make their own placemats. You can use them for all your family members or just have them at the kids table. Either way, they’ll be super cute.

4. Hand Wreath

hand wreath

Source: Tormol
Kids can help you prepare for the holidays in more ways than one. Instead of forcing them to help chop vegetables or peel potatoes, get them excited to help decorate by making construction paper handprint wreaths. They aren’t complicated to do, so kids of almost any age can make them. Just hand them some paper, markers and tape and they’ll be occupied for at least a half-hour.

5. Ornament Place Holder

ornament placeholders

Source: Flickr
Some people are picky about when they can start hauling out the Christmas decorations from under the house, while others have lights strung up outside the moment Halloween is over. Blend Thanksgiving and Christmas in an artsy way by using ornaments as place holders. Your guests will easily be able to find where they’re meant to sit without feeling overwhelmed by Christmas decorations.

6. Fall Centerpiece

Thanksgiving centerpieces

Source: HomesSpot HQ
For those who can’t decide on what makes a good centerpiece, just combine some of your favorites. You can easily throw together the previous cranberry candles and pumpkin basket crafts by arranging them artfully on the table. Candles go great with anything, so you can jazz up your pumpkin baskets with lots of colorful candles.
You can also use them as decorations in other rooms, like the hallway people will enter in or the bathrooms people will use the most.

7. Turkey Tablecloth

turkey tablecloth

Source:  Vanessa
If you’re going to have a Thanksgiving with lots of little kids running around, you may want to think about making a handprint turkey tablecloth for where everyone is going to sit. Have the kids make it a couple days before with glitter and paint (or whatever decoration tools you think are best), and then you’ll have a fun tablecloth that’ll double as a conversation starter.
The kids will be proud to show it off and you’ll be proud of the money you saved by letting them put their creativity to work.

8. Fabric Coasters

fabric coasters

Source: Mary Thengvall
Some tables really can’t handle excess moisture from drinks or heat from plates. While you might have some placemats to protect your table from your serving plates, not many people will think to get coasters ahead of time. If you’ve got some extra fabric laying around your house, you can sew some easy coasters to save yourself time and money. Plus, you can wash them and reuse them easily.

9. Turkey Sugar Cookies

turkey sugar cookies

Source: Cindy Kurman, Kurman Photography
If you haven’t thought about having a dessert table, now is the time to consider it. Not only will people love to see what kind of dessert they have to look forward to, but they’ll also love the decorative nature of the set-up dessert table.
Along with regular desserts, you can bake turkey-shaped sugar cookies and have the kids help decorate them to ring in the holidays with your post-dinner treats.

10. Flower Arrangement

Thanksgiving flower centerpiece

Source: Rictor Norton & David Allen
If all else fails, you can always trust that flowers will be there for you. Pick out some cheap fake florals that are on sale and arrange in a vase you already have at home. Any container will work, really — as long as you choose flowers with fall colors like orange, red and dark yellow. Another great thing about using flowers is that you don’t have to stick with just a vase. You can arrange them anywhere, so they can be used as any kind of decoration you need.
This Thanksgiving, don’t wait until the last minute to decorate. Start early by thinking about which kinds of decorations you like best and how the kids can help you. This weekend, work on getting your house in the holiday mood. You’ll appreciate the festive atmosphere and you’ll have one less thing to worry about during Thanksgiving Day. That way you can focus on food and family instead.

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10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations to Make This Weekend
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