Retaining Walls & Their Purpose

Retaining Walls & Their Purpose

Landscape retaining walls are an important feature. Not only do they hold back dirt and soil, but they can add extra aesthetic appeal to an otherwise boring and bland property. An element that’s both functional and visually appeasing, modern retaining…
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Vegetable Garden Basics for the Newbie

A vegetable garden is a wonderful way to enjoy the sun and soil. It can be hours of pleasurable activity, planning, nurturing and eating. Fresh vegetables taste better than any bought in the store. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a…
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How to Prevent Garden Runoff Pollution - Your Wild Home

How To Prevent Garden Runoff Pollution

When there’s more water on the surface than can be absorbed, water runoff pollution occurs. In developed areas, rainwater washes various pollutants from metals, chemicals and lawns into storm drains. These drains then empty into rivers and streams, where it…
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7 Tips for Picking and Planting Roses

Roses are a flower that almost everyone loves (unless you're single on Valentine's Day) — but not many gardeners attempt to take on the flowers that many call picky or difficult. Even for experienced gardeners, some years their roses flourish,…
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YWH 5-12

6 Tips for Growing a Healthy Apple Tree

Did you know that May 16 is National Love a Tree Day? It’s true — there’s a day for everything. One of the best ways to celebrate it is to plant America’s favorite tree in your own yard.  We are…
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YWH 4-16

Tips for Growing Healthy Orchids

If you've learned anything about me so far, you've probably picked up on the fact that I am a reformed plant killer. In retrospect, this is also probably why my mom was worried when I brought home a puppy (don't…
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What To Consider Before Planting a Tree

If you're anything like me, you've probably spent a majority of the winter under a blanket, binge-watching HGTV and thinking about all the home improvement plans that will make your house amazing this spring. Now the temperature is slowly increasing,…
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Your Wild Home 3-21

How to Find the Best Local Flower Nurseries

Gardening season is upon us and the rush to find the best plants is setting in. Getting the perfect plants is only one part of the equation. First, you have to find a local flower nursery that has everything you…
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Your Wild Home 2-25

Five Tips for Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter is prime time for making sure your lawn is well maintained — and will be beautiful once spring and summer come. It’s also a great time for using green and sustainable practices to negate the negative side effects of…
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7 Plants That Are Perfect for Winter

If there is one thing my Mother didn’t bless me with, it was a Green Thumb. I have to try realllllly hard since my touch seems to bring the black plague to most plants within a 50 foot radius. This…
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The saying is “You can’t judge a book by its cover” and the same goes for a house. But if you’re either buying or selling, it can really affect a home’s price because guess what, looks matter! While you may not need to spring for an entire renovation, a small outdoor project can go a long way in terms of impressing visitors.

If you have a green thumb or love to D-I-Y, you’re going to love these ideas! You’ll find everything from gardening ideas to tips for choosing your next home improvement project.

Here are some of my favorite articles from the “Outdoor” category:

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