How to Protect Your Furniture From A New Year’s Eve Spill

Picture this: It’s New Year’s Eve and all of your neighbors and loved ones are over. Everyone is a glass or two (or, let’s be honest, three) into their New Year celebration when one of your friends starts gesturing dramatically while recounting a story. I mean you don’t get the full effect of how Julie danced at the club without the movements. Before you know it, wine is splashing over the sides of their glass. Everything is in slow motion. As the life of your couch flashes before your eyes, you begin to wonder what you could have done to protect your furniture from this moment.

Be prepared for celebratory spills by reading the list below.

Stain Guard

Professional cleaners can apply a commercial stain guard to your furniture to keep it safe from spills and other stains. If you don’t have the budget to pay a professional, many protective spray-on coatings will let you do yourself. Always thoroughly clean your furniture before you apply a protective spray. The spray will trap any dirt clinging to your fabric and make it impossible to remove. If necessary, begin a spot treatment before beginning.

Vacuum the cushions of the couch and use a lint roller on the fabric. Wipe your furniture down at least once every six months.stairs-living room-loft

Throw on a Slipcover

A slipcover is made to fit over the entire couch, protecting the upholstery underneath from intoxicated house guests. If the slipcover gets something spilled on it, you can easily spot treat and then toss the whole thing in the washer. In a pinch, you can use sheets or throws to cover cushions. This option isn’t very fashionable — but after midnight, the chances of anyone being observant enough to notice and care are slim to none. Mismatching your sheets is still a better option than leaving your couch unprotected.

Blot Spills

While it may feel good to take your aggression out on a blossoming stain with vigorous scrubbing, you shouldn’t. Blot the stain to soak up any excess liquid and then use a rag and plain water to clean up any remaining mess. Vinyl and leather couches can be cleaned using soapy water followed by rubbing alcohol.

After cleaning any leather couches, follow up with a leather conditioner to keep your couch in good shape. For fabric furniture that didn’t get cleaned enough with plain water, you can use rubbing alcohol or oxygenated cleaners. Always spot test products on an area that can’t be seen before using the product in noticeable areas.

Take the Party Outsidechampagne-ocean-toast

What better way to keep your expensive living room furniture safe? Take it out of the equation! This unusually warm winter, makes hosting an outdoor get-together possible.

Throw down a few fold out or stackable chairs and enjoy the party! You’ll enjoy it more knowing the damage is being kept to a minimum. Be sure to leave trash cans where they can be readily found by guests to reduce the trash you have to deal with later. Light up the outdoor space to make an inviting party area that everyone is sure to remember.

Hotel Party

Avoid having guests at your home altogether by celebrating in style with a hotel room. Consider having a donation jar or a small door fee to help cover the cost of your fabulous New Year’s event. Not only does a hotel room keep guests out of your house, but it gives guests a safe place to sleep if they have too much to drink.
With so much to celebrate on New Year’s, the last thing anyone wants is to spend their time worrying about the champagne spill on their love seat. The best way to prevent stains is to be proactive and do everything you can to protect your couch before spills happen.


How do you prevent stains on your priceless furniture? Let me know in the comments below.


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How to Protect Your Furniture From A New Year’s Eve Spill
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How to Protect Your Furniture From A New Year’s Eve Spill
Your New Year's Eve party can go from real fun to real messy in a split second. Learn how to protect your furniture from a spill!
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Your Wild Home
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